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You have choice. Ask yourself, “what seeds have I sown and expect them to blossom and grow. Surely, over a period of time you have sown some seeds to grow something. You expect to reap fruit from the seeds. Don’t you? Yes, of course. No one just does something and doesn’t expect to receive something in return. That seed can be material or spiritual. Whatever, you expect growth! If you believe everything you hear or see in the world, you’re going to stay doubtful, confused and unaccomplished. Some might say, “why can’t I believe what I see? Here is why, “yes, there are some things you can see and believe.” But, for some of the deeper decisions to be made in life, you require proof and help. If someone wants to sell you something that you just want and maybe it’s a small thing. You go to buy a dress or a shirt, then find out the fit is terrible. The cut is not fitting. Bad design. How about this one: I ordered a “large” and what did I receive? I received two sizes in the same order, (slim fit and regular fit) neither of which did I order. I never heard of  “regular” fit and “slim” fit. That’s the point. But, more pivotal, how about contracts??? Read every word of anything you are going to sign for, not tying yourself into contracts with all that fine print and all those conditions. A contract is made to benefit the beneficiary (the writer) of the contract. It’s not written to protect you. It is written to protect the contract preparer! Get help!!! In order to really understand contracts, you need someone who is experienced in writing and reading and comprehending what is written therein. Take a class…read up on “how” to read and understand the components—terms written therein. Read and understand, “how to get out of the contract (termination clause) What are the terms and conditions? How long is the contract for? What are you obligated to do during the term of the contract? Have you been seeing on television about those loans (reversed mortgage) offered to senior citizens? They are encouraged to get into and get cash as they’re “enjoying their older years.” So, what happens when at the end of the term and they can’t pay back the “loan?” If you can’t pay it off after, say twenty years, what happens? And who’s paying the taxes all this time on the property? And if you have no relatives who can pay off the mortgage, what happens to the property? I have watched those commercials many times. Finally, they decided to put a kind of waiver statement in very small print at the bottom of the screen. Yes, the salesmanship is slick. I just don’t trust that. And furthermore, commercials are always telling us what to do, what to buy. People are always looking for ways to get something for nothing. Deception has so infused itself into the daily lives of all of us and too many people are not telling us the whole truth… just enough to reel you in and “caught up.” Therefore, that requires us to take another viewpoint and become more discerning as to what are we actually seeing and what is actually being said! It may sound like double-talking, but here’s the thing. People say one thing, people do one thing, but what are they really thinking and really saying? Most people are honest and well-meaning. Most people are believable and are to be believed. So, you run into someone/s who are not as they seem. We are living in very worldly times. Nowadays, we are more required to “think discriminating thoughts.”  Ask questions??? We might come to reality that we’re required to take more pause and think more about what is being said and what is being done in actuality and who is saying it. We just have to think behind the words and expressions.

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