Ask Dr. Jeanette™ Success On “The Way” “Bending Steel With A Cold Toothpick” “You Can Do It!”

Sometimes we may feel like our situation and our circumstances are just too difficult to bear. Or, Sometimes, it may seem whatever there is that we must face is impossible. Have you ever gotten hung up on trying to operate technology?Have you ever had a goal in mind and it just seems you will not get through it to the culmination of its success? Sit down. Take a deep breath. Re-focus. Only see in your mind’s eye there is a next step. There is “a way” to move forward. I don’t care what is your status in life you will always have challenges. When we look at ourselves and see the many obstacles…the many hurdles to be leaped…we must challenge ourselves to “push forward.” Yes, PUSH! There is the “mental challenge” to press your mind to “know” there is a future and an answer to every problem. There is  solution. There is an avenue. There is a pathway. Sometimes, the road might be rocky. You may need to crush some of the hardest rocks. Some rocks you learn they may be just hard dirt. Some rocks may be clay. Others may be cement. You “cannot” allow yourself to think even twice that you will not make it through the rock crushing process. Look around you. What do you see? Do you see anyone who does not have challenges? If you have children, whether foster children or adopted children or biological offspring…you have challenges. Not only that, but you teach them how to “conquer” life’s challenges. You may not know everything to teach. But, you know that it is your responsibility to teach and guide, learning as you go along. Look at your life. Ask yourself, “What are my challenges?” It seems to encompass those very much needed characteristics of being patient, being hopeful, holding on to your faith, trusting in yourself that you are capable of success beyond what you ever thought! When I see the poverty around us…the homelessness…the people who are challenged far beyond most anything we have had to experience. I see children abroad who are sunk in what appears to be hopelessness. Look up! See compassion! Give a dollar. Give two dollars. I heard someone who was very wealthy, highly educated and intelligent who said, “I don’t give because it’s hopeless and it will never get better.” No, that’s not the recommended way to think. If you give something of yourself, it’s refreshing. It opens your heart. You experience the emotion of “love.” It just makes you feel good. “Bend Steel With A Cold Toothpick!” Let’s just say you need 200-300 degrees to bend steel. Imagine that you have strength of tenacity, talent and perseversence to do it. It’s in your mind. Develop an “I Can Do It” state of mind!Pray!!Thanks for reading!Never Give Up!Your breakthrough is coming!

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