Aspire to Inspire!

Inspire yourself! “BE” your own Best Friend!” You have support all the time. He said, “I will be what I want to be.” In other words, “He will be what you need Him to be.” Your needs are met! Who or what is your most threatening enemy many of the times? Our own thoughts may be what is hindering us from achieving our goals. Let’s set a watch over our thoughts and words. Please, never speak out against yourself or your children! The effects are unimaginably long lasting. Thoughts become alive when spoken.

If we discipline our thoughts, our thinking patterns, we begin to think at a higher level and become increasingly hopeful and optimistic about what we are endeavoring to accomplish, small or great. By setting a watch over our thoughts and spoken words, our consciousness is alert and aroused of what is happening in our minds. The mind is very “quick.” Thoughts are “rapid.” That’s why you have heard, “Watch what you say.” Before words are spoken, there must be a preceding thought, which can be either uplifting or destructive. It is interesting to note that negative words do not have to be repeatedly spoken to be damaging. Children, youth, grown ups and people in general are greatly impacted and effected by what is spoken to them. Now, we know why we teach our children to say, “please” and “thank you.” Those are two very influential words and exude positivity. The speaker and the hearer are positively responsive. Be at peace and smile.

Jeanette Grattan Parker Ph. D-Founder-Superintendent Todays Fresh Start Charter School (323)293-9826 4514 Crenshaw Blvd. Los Angeles, California 90043: Weekly Columnist for LA Sentinel News; articles copyright April 21, 2016 all rights reserved©” Inquiring Minds Want To Know” ©website “©The Father Famine” “Ask Dr. Jeanette”™

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