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“The Promise of All Time” “The Covenant” “I Will Be With You!” “You’re Never Alone!” “I Will Not Leave You!” “I Will Not Forsake You!”

Doesn’t sound like a person, does it? There are many broken promises. We know. We don’t want to recall how many times someone has not lived up to our expectations (which can be unrealistic and even humanly impossible) especially when they have promised to keep their word to us. That’s part of human nature, the...


“The Promise Made. The Promise Kept”

Promise? You promised! Do you promise? When will you do it? I’m waiting for you to keep your promise. If you make a promise to someone: your wife, your husband, your friend, your relative, your child/children, they want to know when will you keep that promise? When will you do what you said you were...


“State of The World” Part 2 “HE Knows Who You Are. He Knows Where You Live. He Knows Your Name. He Knows. He Knows. “What’s The Next Big Surprise?” “Looking Beyond CoronaV”

Moses, along with other great prophets, had first hand experiences communicating with the LORD, listening to the LORD and following His instructions and mandates. The expression,” the LORD said” was made some 45 times in Exodus: to Moses, to Aaron, to Pharaoh and to others. Why is this important? In looking at Exodus and the...


“The Education Football” Brown vs. Board of Education-Part 2

The new Chief Justice, displaying considerable political skill and determination, the new chief justice succeeded in engineering a unanimous verdict against school segregation the following year. In the decision, issued on May 17, 1954, Warren wrote that “in the field of public education the doctrine of ‘separate but equal’ has no place,” as segregated schools...


Brown vs. Board of Education**It’s Still Happening! Part 1

Claim to be the birthplace of Memorial Day. Researchers have traced the earliest annual commemoration to women who laid flowers on soldiers’ graves in the Civil War hospital town of Columbus, Miss., in April 1866. But historians like the Pulitzer Prize winner David Blight have tried to raise awareness of freed slaves who decorated soldiers’...


“Beautiful Pictures From God Our Father”

Life has it’s many challenges. Here of late they have come to us more closely and more vividly. The CORONAVirus has been an eye opening experience which has been an awakening to some. In spite of its arousing presence, most of us have survived. Unfortunately, many have passed on and hopefully they have gone on...