“ Be Kind or Be Poor” “What shall it Be?”

If everyone were “kind,” things would be very different.

Jennifer and Chris went for a short stroll in the city. A poor priest was begging. Chris felt pity on him. He gave him a bag full of 100 gold coins. The priest was happy and thanked Chris. He left for his home. On the way, the beggar-priest saw another person who needed help. He ignored him. A thief robbed him of his coins and escaped! The priest went back to begging. Next day again when Chris saw the same priest begging, he was surprised that after getting a bag full of coins which can last a lifetime, the priest was still begging! He called the priest and asked him, “Why?” The priest told him the whole story. Chris felt sorry for him again and acted kindly, so, this time he gave him a diamond. The priest liked the diamond; but he was insensitive to others in need… couldn’t see his own faults, not helping others. Priest gets home, thinking he would hide the diamond put it in an empty pot of water, planning to cash it out and live lavishly. His wife was not at home. (she probably would be more than dumfounded with him) Feeling secure, he took a nap. His wife came home, picked up that empty pot of water, walked towards the river close by to fill up the water, not noticing the diamond in the pot. She gets to the river, put the whole pot into the rushing river to fill it up. The diamond was washed down the river.

The priest woke up… went and looked in the pot, which was empty….. asked his wife about the diamond. “I didn’t see any diamond. If it was in the pot, its been washed down the river.” The priest couldn’t believe his situation (sounds like past behavior coming back to haunt him)…again started begging (this priest has a real problem and doesn’t think clearly at all). Chris and Jennifer saw him begging again. Chris, obviously over-kind, inquired about it. He started thinking if this priest will ever have a happy life. Jennifer smiled. Chris gave that priest one coin which was not even enough to buy a lunch or dinner. Chris asked Jennifer, “Lord, I gave him gold coins and diamond, which could have given him a wealthy life, yet it didn’t help him. How will just one coin help this poor guy?” Jennifer told Chris to follow that priest and find out. (By now, the priest must have a sense of entitlement) to be continued..

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