Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah

We’ve heard them all before. On the TV commercial, the lady talks about car insurance and asked, “Didn’t you read the ne print?” She says, “Oh, that part that says, Blah, Blah, Blah,….” They promise the moon, right…Then you find out the moon is made of cheese. You don’t get a chunk or a piece of the pie. We’re left out in the cold again!

Or they promise the earth. Who can deliver all these extravagant promises that can probably not be fulfilled or highly unlikely to be fulfilled. But, they don’t deliver anything anywhere near what was promised. Now it seems there is more hate, violence, more taxes, less entrepreneurs, less jobs and on and on. It’s easy to say empty words. It’s the doing, that’s where the challenge comes in. These are just words with no backing that the promises will be fulfilled, especially when they have been promising stuff years before and didn’t deliver then; what makes you think they’ll deliver now?? It’s the same old message, with new packaging. The wrapping might be different; the content and ingredients are the same. It’s called deceit; quest for power, control and rule. Sometimes people may think they can perform those promises, but then they realize, they know they can’t deliver! They say things to get what they want and after they get in, there’s a different story. They’re puffed up, vain, have huge egos and are super ambitious. They take a deep breath. After a little while, they realize the challenge is much greater than anticipated and can’t deliver those promises. They become false prognosticators with false promises or “liars.” They portend and forecast lies! Those to whom the promises are made are looking up with great expectations! They can’t get anything through. What a wake up call it will be when the followers learn the promises are not kept! It’s time to start the web of lies all over again. There are people who have been there for years and years. They know the ropes better than you do. The new one has been speaking some words futuristically anticipating what they say will happen with no regard to the effects on the hearers of those words. It goes to how about the lives of other people that are effected. If you don’t live up to your promises, you’re going to be in big-g-g trouble. You’ll be called a fabricator or you’re just full of it! If they have had more than fifteen years to perform, is the performance going to change for the better? But! Don’t give up! Stay optimistic! Unwrap the package. Ugh! Worms! All that glitters is not gold! We’re the winning team!

Jeanette Grattan Parker Ph. D-Founder-Superintendent Todays Fresh Start Charter School (323)293-9826 4514 Crenshaw Blvd. Los Angeles, California 90043: Weekly Columnist for LA Sentinel News & LA South Chamber of Commerce articles copyright August 3, 2016 all rights reserved©” Inquiring Minds Want To Know” ©website “©The Father Famine” “Ask Dr. Jeanette”™

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