Spiritual Adultery” “Message To The Nations

In a timely manner, I had been writing and thinking on the subject of “spiritual adultery” which is idolatry. The term “idolatry” is more commonly used and easily recognizable biblically than the term “spiritual adultery.” The post Spiritual Adultery” “Message To The Nations appeared first on Los Angeles Sentinel.

“The Land” “Where Is It and Whose Is It?” Part 1

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‘What Did He Say?’ ‘Occupy ‘Till I Come!’ ‘What Will Be Our Response?’

The universe and its contents has been left under our care. The Creator of the world and all that is therein has made all things. What do you think he has done to ensure that His creation of mankind will take care while He has gone and left everything to us.  He has given us His irrevocable word to read and study as we await His return? He has plundered Satan’s domain {His ministry and resurrection ensured that.} while He was yet here on earth acting under the direction of the Father. For He says, “I always do that which...

“New?!” “Is It Normal?” “New and Change Not always Better.”

  Samuel of Israel and was chosen by God and used him as judge to travel around to Bethel and other places for the rest of his life. At God’s direction he appoint Saul, first king of Israel, as monarch. Samuel was born to Hannah and Elkanah. She had been barren for many years, but, of course during those times and even as is now longed for a son. God answered their prayers and gave them Samuel, the great judge and prophet. If Samuel spoke it, it was known that he only spoke truth and it would happen. Samuel grew...

“Vaccines and “The Mark” (Part 1)

Perhaps some of this information is a bit technical as I do not usually write technical, but down to earth (hopefully). However, next week I will talk about where I’m going with this subject. I volunteered to have myself injected with the “corona virus” vaccine. The only reason I did was because I work with many people (including children) that I wanted everyone to know that I was concerned about them, even though I never had any symptoms to lead me to believe I might have or might catch the virus. I do and always did wear my mask. I...

Ask Dr. Jeanette™ Success On “The Way” “The Golden Scepter”

Ahasuerus was a Persian King (monarch) whose empire stretched from “India to Ethiopia” (Esther 1:1;8:9. He reigned from 486-465 B.C.). His leadership was troubled especially during a period of time when some of his chamberlains, Bigthan and Teresh (doorkeepers) plotted against him to kill him (Esther 2:21). The post Ask Dr. Jeanette™ Success On “The Way” “The Golden Scepter” appeared first on Los Angeles Sentinel.

Ask Dr. Jeanette™️ Success on “The Way” “Secret of the Giant Lemons”

Jesus spoke in parables to the multitudes of people and without a parable He did not speak to them (Matt.13:34). His disciples wondered why did He speak in parables to the people but not parables to them? He told them they had a special understanding of what He spoke, but the unbelievers didn’t have that special understanding. He said, “(Matthew 13:11) It has been given to you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven. But, it has not been given to them to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of God” (Mark 4:11)....

Ask Dr. Jeanette Success On “The Way”

“Women Warrior-Pioneers” “Resurrection and Revival of The Conscience” “The Mothers of Modern Gynecology” part 2 Revival: A time of awakened interest; reviving what belonged to an earlier time, The post Ask Dr. Jeanette Success On “The Way” appeared first on Los Angeles Sentinel.

“Women Take The Lead” “Resurrecting Revival” “The Mothers of Gynecology” part 1

A rendering for “The Mothers of Gynecology” sculpture, which will honor enslaved women subjected to Dr. J. Marion Sims’ gynecological experiments in the mid-1800s. Spencer Platt/Getty Images Michelle Browder passed through Los Angeles this past week-end. She was picking up the sculpture’s steel armature from a fabricator in Las Vegas, then heading to San Francisco, where she will build out the work. The free event was this past Saturday morning. It is free at North Venice Little League parking lot and inviting all Angelinos to meet her and bring metal objects: brass candlesticks, copper pots and more: spare bicycle parts. They...

Ask Dr. Jeanette Success On “The Way”

Why Do You Think Almighty God Allowed The WorldWide Pandemic? Dam, Maybe He said, “Everyone may experience God’s Wrath, or at least……a portion of it…… He said, I’m getting that portion lined up to be activated.’ James said, “the tongue is a fire.” The post Ask Dr. Jeanette Success On “The Way” appeared first on Los Angeles Sentinel.