Breathe, Breathe….

Wow! Better watch frying that bacon! Who wants to hear that, huh…. Bacon is so good, yum, yum. Try low sodium…keep that blood pressure down. But let’s not get side tracked. What we’re really talking about today is some serious work that goes on behind the scenes by very dedicated, committed people, who care enough about us to rid our air of those “nasty atmospheric particulates.” We can credit that to organizations like Coalition for Clean Air the Air Quality Management District (AQMD) and others. Do you remember when the air was so bad and the smog so thick you could hardly breathe? I do. For a long time, I would breathe, like take a half breath instead of breathing deeply. I was not clear on what was happening and why I did it.

While we were coughing, sneezing and wheezing, there were some great people diligently working and thinking about cleaning up our air, caring about us and our children! Low and behold, we learn that the Coalition for Clean Air had this great awards luncheon, California Air Quality Awards 2016, a gathering of some wonderful people-executives. ”big shots.” And guess who was behind it all: Joseph K. Lyou, Ph.D., President of Coalition for Clean Air honored Clean Air Champions. Wait a minute… I’m not finished, guess who they were honoring! Dr. William Burke, Lifetime Achievement Award for his 23 years on the Governing Board of AQMD, Christine Kehoe, Clean Air Leadership Award, Janea A. Scott, Leadership in Government Award, Eileen Wenger Tutt, Environmental Advocacy Award, and Rob Neitzke, President, Cummins Westport, Inc., Environmental Advocacy Award. Present were a host of technical minded geniuses, one of whom Dr. Clark Parker, Sr. (my husband).

Coalition for Clean Air announced the creation of a new air quality monitoring program. The public will use air quality monitors to avoid exposure to high levels of particulate matter by taking alternative routes to school, exercising at times when air pollution levels are low, or simply opening up windows when they fry bacon. Cummins Westport works on developing ultra-low NOx natural gas engine. Senator Kehoe noted her lifelong commitment to environmental advocates to promote electric vehicles. Janea discussed her appreciation for the environment based on growing up in Colorado, and the influence Luke Cole had on her decision to commitment to fighting for renewable energy. Eileen said that she’s motivated by the conviction that we must diversify our energy and transportation fuel to reduce our dependence upon petroleum fuels. Dr. Burke told an inspiring story about his and Mohammed Ali’s experience with the courageous child who had cancer. The audience was encouraged to live a good life. Karin did a great job organizing the event.

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