Call Me Brilliant (Part 2)

Call Us Indestructible, Magnificent, Wonderful, Creative, Highly Gifted, Intelligent!!

Well, I certainly struck a soft spot on this one. And I’m glad about it! You recall me ranting on about believing that African American, Latinos, Middle Eastern or whoever want to be recognized as people of character. No called vulgar, demeaning names…“He’s Latino,” a gangster…a Black Man, “He’s ignorant.” Or from the Middle East (which is Africa) and “He’s a terrorist.” Who wants a stamp of disapproval. Even Cain, who was forgiven and prospered had a mark. An inspiring mother [I don’t know her] wrote me: “Thanks for being so dedicated to empowering students “How could you refer to my 3-year- old as the “nig***?”, I thought to myself. I had taken my then 3-year-old son to the barber shop to get a haircut and had asked the barber not to shave all of his hair o , but to just make his hair shorter. The barber then proceeded to shave o all of my son’s hair. When I protested, this was his response: “How can I tell you this? You have a real nig***” right here. He’s from the tribe. He is a native boy. This is not pretty hair. This is the best cut for him.” The barber…African descent and naturally kinky hair, but he had used a chemical process to make his hair appear curly. I was in a state of utter shock. There was no saving the haircut. I let the barber proceed and paid him. Weeks passed. All I could think about was the issue of self-loathing. Why is it that some of us dislike aspects of ourselves? Why is it that so many people struggle with accepting their skin tone, hair texture, hair color, weight, height, learning style, and so much more? What could I do? As a Harvard, Wharton, and U. Penn Law-trained corporate attorney, I prayed. A book was born.. quit being a corporate attorney, became a full-time entrepreneur in storytelling.”

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