Call me The Eternal Optomist!!

That’s right! I’m called “that eternal optimist. I like that; rather than referred to as a pessimist or obstructionist or dream killer or some other identification as one who has a bad and negative attitude, defeating outlook on life. Wow! Who would believe there’s a brighter day with all the turmoil and disagreement going on seems like everywhere? It starts in the heart and how we are raised and what we re taught growing up. We know, however, there are those who go away from their good teaching. We’ve got storms, tornedoes, hurricanes, wars with names; name calling; people carrying acts of violence encouraged by those who we thought were respected leaders an all up in the pulpit talking that crazy stuff! Pastor just sitting there shaking his head in muffled.. seems to have forgotten about critical, questioning attitude to say in himself.. teaching others to follow it too!! “Is this really right? Is this spewed in the pulpit.. boisterous unguarded!? Can you believe it? No wonder so many people stopped going to church!? What’s this anyway; harassing people in restaurants and other public places while they’re just going out to have a bite to eat with their families!? Insane name calling behavior. We’ve been looking up to these people!? NO! Then there are the “actors” too making terrorist threats to blow up the white house?! Shame. Shame. The same who some paid money to see their performances or films. Huuum. I believe somewhere I heard that Martin Luther King said something like, “somebody’s got to have some sense!” Planting bombs whether activated or not, it’s terrorism. Terrorism is when words threats are spoken.. acts committed to instill widespread fear. Serious crime, Nowadays, watch what you say, where you say it and to whom it is said. Unfortunately, some have lost their way, blind, clouded vision. Purpose is crooked… don’t know to go to the left or to the right. We would do well to sit down, be quiet, collect our thoughts, focus on what is the right pathway mission to follow.  Because the way it is now if you don’t refocus, pray and get a grasp on your mind, you will become just as confused as so many others are. Yes, I claim the title of “eternal optimist,” “forward looking”, “prophet,” the never give up person,” and other titles of excellence and success! By the way, think, meditate on heavenly promises. Think only those things that will keep your mind focused upward! I look through the prism of the future and the future is bright. Yes, I’m the “eternal optimist.” And all things are possible through Him and His unlimited irrevocable resources by faith.

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