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The Mustard Seed

(Thanks for reading) It’s fascinating to watch the growth of an idea, a seed, a dream. More than 350,000 neighbors attend yearly, Taste of Soul Festival. Many might like to know about its beginnings. “It’s been 14 years, now since beginning Taste of Soul Family Food Festival on Crenshaw Blvd. Bakewell Media boasts multiple thousands...


Who’s The Leader of the World??

Have you wondered, “Who’s really leading this world?” Is it the United States? Is it Israel? Since about 1970, the United States [At 3.8 million square miles (9.8 million km2), the United States is the world’s third or fourth largest country by total area[d] and is slightly smaller than the entire continent of Europe‘s 3.9...


Conquering Challenges Through Daily Discipline Break Cycle

Every one has daily challenges. That’s a given. The question is: identifying the challenges and determining “how” you will live above them, successfully work through them and go beyond. Think things through and plan your mental strategy. Some people have to plan as minutely as getting out of bed OR someone has to help them...


Single Mothers Got It Right!

Recurring challenges and adventures of single
motherhood, raising children may seem an
impossible achievement. Mothers all over prove
their strength/fortitude to overcome innumerable
confrontations. Fabulous single mothers manage
to ‘make it” despite unexpected hardships. There
are emotional, financial, physical and housing
challenges. Sometimes they may not know where
the next meal is coming from; but they persevere
with faith, never giving up. They find...


Single Dads Got it Right Too!!!

SURPRISE! You’re the best single dad! Some single dads rejoice. Others reject responsibility, justify neglect; leave their first family without resources and take on a new family. Sometimes telling the children “I’ve got a new family now.” How devastating! This article is dedicated to those great single dads who accept their responsibility now… having thought...


Chicago’s Law Abiding Folks

Remember my article from last week? The little girl did not steal new doll clothes to replace the worn, tattered dolly clothes; she made a wise decision by learning to sew and be self sufficient! Now…I heard many bad things about Chicago…shootings, robberies…same ol’ stories. Let’s focus on the good and those who are not...


“WOMEN: Law and Order”

When LaDawn “LBJ” Jones walked into a meeting at work a couple of months ago, she was hit with a serious case of “Black Girl Magic.” Jones, the city solicitor in South Fulton, Georgia, was meeting for the first time with the city’s municipal court staff. She entered the room; realized she was looking at...


“Do The Math”: “Beginning of Path to Incarceration”

I thought you might be interested in the demographics of Sacramento Uni ed due to published high suspension rates: Enrollment 42,776: October, 2016:19.1% Asian—13.1% African American—39.8% Hispanic/Latino— 2.1% Native Hawaiian Paci c Islander—18% White—6.4% Two or more races—20.4% English Learners 0.7% Foster Youth—0.7% Homeless—70.3% Socioeconomically Disadvantaged—12.5% Special Education.  Lea Luellen, senior at Inderkum [president ofBlack...


Blame and Shame

Blame: Yup, a tactic. How about drivers making tricky new moves? Almost hitting your car, making scathing moves to the left–to the right only to end up right in front of you? Who’s to blame? “You were driving too slow. You should have seen the car going to swipe by you! Yada,Yada. Another might say,...


Get ’em all High!!

I have mixed thoughts about legalizing marijuana. There are “drugs” on the market claiming to be safe. After the drugs have been disseminated and used, are found unsafe. (Same months back I wrote you about the numerous drug advertised on television with convincing voices selling the “buyer beware,” because known side effects were devastating; as...