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Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover…..

As I walked today, two men were passing by using profanity. I stopped and said to them, “There’s a lady in your presence.” One kept walking; the other humorously said, “I don’t see a lady,” squinting his eyes; “I’m blind. I’m blind. I can’t see,” turning his head from side to side, smiling, jesting. I...


Daddy Come Back!

Many of us grew up without full time or part time fathers or no father at all or knowledge of our fathers. Many factors contribute to “father absence.” What is “father absence.” It could mean physical or emotional absence. Children generally children know something important is missing. Could be, father absence is never discussed. The...


Resolving Conflict In Our Lives

When we look all around there is conflict everywhere we go. There’s conflict on the highways, in the streets, in the grocery store, at the service station, in the home, in the church, at the once, nationally, locally, internationally, and in campaigns. There’s almost nowhere you can go where there is no conflict. The American...