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Let Us Pray… Try It!

Perhaps, you remember Daniel the great prophet who served in two world empires, the Babylonian and the Medo-Persian. He authored the book of Daniel in the Old Testament. You might recall Daniel had visions and prophesied through visions and explaining dreams; “The Handwriting on the Wall” and “Daniel in The Lion’s Den.” In 538 B.C.,...


Year 2020 Better Life and Beyond!

Don’t you wish every day was like Christmas…. with excitement, joy, family, enthusiasm, food and don’t forget getting some rest. The New Year is here. We look forward to what we can do differently that is better than what we did last year and years before. Wouldn’t it be great if life was better and...


Humanoinds!’ Future Humans!’

Keep in “the know.” You might ask why I’m captivated by “humanoids.” It is the wave of the future. As a matter of fact, our current telephone usage began with some of the components which make up the humanoids: i-phones, Chrome, Android: all of these are beginnings of the makings of future “humanoids.” Humanoids may...


State of the “Nations” Believe It, Or Not?!

The death of the most recent internationally known alleged sex tracker in the news is a realistic, real time, reality show metaphor for the state of the “nations,” meaning this: he is an example of the “state of the nations.” Some time ago, I wrote on “You Can Have The World.” The world will be...


No Curse!!

“Curses” have been pronounced since thousands of years. There’s one curse…if you self- pronounce. If you say bad things to your children; [you ain’t never gonna amount to nothing] make deadly prognoses on their future it hinders them. You may have cursed them with words that curse. It’s just has easy to pronounce blessings!. If...


Suppose—Just Suppose?!

Rosa Parks was not the first person to refuse to give up their seat on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama. One is Claudette Colvin. March 2, 1955. A 15-year-old schoolgirl refused to move to the back of the bus, nine months before Rosa Parks’ stand that launched the Montgomery bus boycott. Claudette had been studying...


““The Peeper” Part 2 “Who’s Peeping Through the Peephole!!??””

This historical journey you are taking with me dates back to about 1921- 1491BC capturing when
“the promise” made to Abraham and confirmed through his son, Isaac and grandson, Jacob [the Patriarchs]. This promise of land and seed is critical biblical history relevant today and into the millennium. Christians’ have inheritance as “spiritual seed” of Abraham....


Live “The Good Life” Victoriously Part 2

Who doesn’t want “The Good Life?” It’s desirable for 2018. I thought this standard would be what folks want. Please Enjoy! A cry from God’s heart: William Wilberforce, a member of England’s parliament at the turn of the nineteenth century, was a Christian with a passion for righteous justice. After his conversion, he became convinced...


Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover…..

As I walked today, two men were passing by using profanity. I stopped and said to them, “There’s a lady in your presence.” One kept walking; the other humorously said, “I don’t see a lady,” squinting his eyes; “I’m blind. I’m blind. I can’t see,” turning his head from side to side, smiling, jesting. I...