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“The Pre-Emminence and Exaltation of Self-Will” Part 1 MaMa! MaMa! Where’s God MaMa! Where’s God? Part 2 of 2

We don’t in fact know if George Floyd was asking “Where’s God?” But, one might assume he was calling for a response from heaven! He was in more than what might be called great distress. He was desperate for help! “I can’t breathe!” I heard this was “training day!” O’Lord! Is this what happens during...


Eat What You Want…Oh’ Really?

Our appetites can master and control our lives. We reflect…or should I say most people reflect what they eat. Sometimes it’s more obvious with some than with others. Just because a person is not overweight, that doesn’t mean they are healthy. Exercise should be a built in regular activity in life. I didn’t start writing...


“Husssh”: “Don’t Tell”

“Across the USA February Black History is celebrated annually; commemorating well-known figures such as Martin Luther King, Maya Angelou and Rosa Parks. February 21 this year also marked the 50th anniversary of the death of Malcolm-X, one of the most important leaders during the civil rights campaign. Aside from these figures, there are thousands of...


“The Substitute”

Which would you prefer? Would you prefer being a “substitute” or long-term or permanent? What’s the difference?? To be a “substitute” doesn’t lend itself to a degree of permanence. Does it? Let’s think of it this way. Can you think of anyone or anything that was substitute, but also permanent? What did I hear you...


How Long Is Yours?? (Part 1)

What happened to Ike Turner (Tina Turner’s first husband); who struggled with life and its vissitudes, including drug abuse and inability to overcome the demonic spirits which haunted him to death. He was born November 5, 1931 and when he was 25 years, he met Ana Mae Bullock, (who became Tina Turner) and things began...