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How Long Is Yours?? (Part 1)

What happened to Ike Turner (Tina Turner’s first husband); who struggled with life and its vissitudes, including drug abuse and inability to overcome the demonic spirits which haunted him to death. He was born November 5, 1931 and when he was 25 years, he met Ana Mae Bullock, (who became Tina Turner) and things began...


Woulda-Coulda-Shoulda’ ‘Porn’

I have heard it said, “I would have done this or that if I had known then what I know now. “Others might say, “Oh, it don’t matter. Nothin-is-gonna-change. I been eating this all along and nothin happened to me—–I been drinking this for years and I’m still here.” What we allow to transcend into...


Halloway with Hell-O-Wean

October 31st: Every year people, adults and children become really excited about Halloween! Why? Seems like it gives grownups an opportunity to act unlike themselves. But, in many instances, grown ups act like themselves, which may not be pleasant. It gives children an opportunity to dress up in costumes and act out in ways they...


Stop All the Cuss’n and Fight’n

[Thanks for reading Ask Dr. Jeanette] What constitutes a “conflict of Interest?” What happens and what is it? Obviously, I cannot exhaust the definition of “conflict of interest.” Let’s begin here. When two or more individuals or two or more companies or two or more entities cannot agree together on their concerns or aims, the...


Legal Drug Stronghold on Opioid Market Affects Young Gifted’

Thanks for reading! “Recognizing that youth commonly receive care from a pediatrician or general practitioner during adolescence and young adulthood – precisely when the incidence of opioid use disorder (OUD) sharply increases– the American Academy of Pediatrics released a policy statement this month calling for expanded access to medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for Scott E. Hadland,...


Sex Strike!? What!!?

A sex strike[sex boycott], =non-violent resistance and not a new concept, dates back to at least Aristophanes’ 411 BC comedy “Lysistrata,” the title character attempts to end the Peloponnesian War by calling on women from the warring city states to withhold sex until peace is negotiated. Spike Lee’s lm “Chi-Raq” brought the concept to present-day...


No Curse!!

“Curses” have been pronounced since thousands of years. There’s one curse…if you self- pronounce. If you say bad things to your children; [you ain’t never gonna amount to nothing] make deadly prognoses on their future it hinders them. You may have cursed them with words that curse. It’s just has easy to pronounce blessings!. If...


Meeting/Not Meeting the Mark?’ Part 1

My grandmother talked about West Bank and Gaza Strip. Remembering rekindled my interest hearing there are 193 United Nations …(read on) “The US put forth a first time resolution condemning Hamas, the Islamic terror group, which controls Gaza, failed to win the required two-thirds majority in the U.N. General Assembly on Thursday. Before the vote...


Sowing and Reaping the Harvest

Thanksgiving and Daylight Savings Time are time buddies. I sought to know how slavery was progressing in related time frames. The custom of giving thanks for the annual harvest is one of the world’s oldest celebrations and can be traced back to the dawn of civilization. We can fi
nd some times are determined Biblically by...