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“Unleash Your Inheritance of Wisdom and Wealth!”

The story tells that the Queen of Sheba came to meet a potential trading partner. In that trading venture, she met King Solomon, who she provided with lavish gifts. He reciprocated. Sheba, ancient Sabea at the southwest corner of the Arabian peninsula, (Jewish Study Bible). “The Queen was from the Sheba province, located in modern-day...


Cut Through The Red Tape!

My mother talked about “Red Tape.” I understand now. She was talking about: AKA The Bureaucracy AKA The Establishment AKA The System AKA The Man AKA The Cards Are Stacked Against Us AKA Red Tape. Responsible positions of authority require working, collaboration with authorities, commonly referred to as “the bureaucracy.” This word has become known...


Voices In The Wilderness

Does all life matter? Really?? The killing of Harambe, the rare, silver back 450 pound, 17-year- old gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo was widely publicized this week. While swishing around a 3 year old child, Harambe was killed to save the boy who managed to escape his mother and slipped into the gorilla enclosure. [The...


Side Effects of the Side Effects

The media is a great useful communication “tool.” Filtering media content for our precious, vulnerable children is critical. Watch television and BAM! drug advertisements pop up! People in the ads appear care free and have the avenue to healing! “Well, what are they doing?” “I want some of that!” [BEWARE!] Click to another channel. Not...