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“Fear and The Fear Of It”

The light will shine and things will get better. I was thinking of you and I wrote a poem for you. When I was in high school and junior college and elementary school, my teachers were optimistic and encouraging. Well, maybe not one or two. The spoken word can be uplifting or discouraging to the...


“Ask Dr. Jeanette” At Success On “The Way

“The Victorious Onlookers” “Your Seeds Are Bearing Fruit” You have choice. Ask yourself, “what seeds have I sown and expect them to blossom and grow. Surely, over a period of time you have sown some seeds to grow something. You expect to reap fruit from the seeds. Don’t you? Yes, of course. No one just...


“ Be Kind or Be Poor” “What shall it Be?”

If everyone were “kind,” things would be very different. Jennifer and Chris went for a short stroll in the city. A poor priest was begging. Chris felt pity on him. He gave him a bag full of 100 gold coins. The priest was happy and thanked Chris. He left for his home. On the way,...


“The Promise Made. The Promise Kept”

Promise? You promised! Do you promise? When will you do it? I’m waiting for you to keep your promise. If you make a promise to someone: your wife, your husband, your friend, your relative, your child/children, they want to know when will you keep that promise? When will you do what you said you were...


And The Beat Goes On! It’s Your Way, Not the Highway! Unless You Own The Highway!

Encourage yourself and one another. NEVER GIVE UP! Things are not as they sometimes appear. Personal experience has taught me. Stay in the game. Obstacles, which appear to be insurmountable with persistence can be overcome. It says, “appear to be insurmountable. The way becomes brighter as you continue to move through the continuum. Concentrate. Focus....