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“The Promise Made. The Promise Kept”

Promise? You promised! Do you promise? When will you do it? I’m waiting for you to keep your promise. If you make a promise to someone: your wife, your husband, your friend, your relative, your child/children, they want to know when will you keep that promise? When will you do what you said you were...


And The Beat Goes On! It’s Your Way, Not the Highway! Unless You Own The Highway!

Encourage yourself and one another. NEVER GIVE UP! Things are not as they sometimes appear. Personal experience has taught me. Stay in the game. Obstacles, which appear to be insurmountable with persistence can be overcome. It says, “appear to be insurmountable. The way becomes brighter as you continue to move through the continuum. Concentrate. Focus....


Eat What You Want…Oh’ Really?

Our appetites can master and control our lives. We reflect…or should I say most people reflect what they eat. Sometimes it’s more obvious with some than with others. Just because a person is not overweight, that doesn’t mean they are healthy. Exercise should be a built in regular activity in life. I didn’t start writing...


Fear Not!! Listen!! I’m Speaking!!

To those who are fear stricken; paralyzed in doubt and fear; wondering what’s happening? Don’t worry. Everything is all right. God is in control. Many might say, “Where is He?” Watch! The adversary would have you believe he’s in control. No. No. No. The Almighty is sitting in the heavenlies, observing what will be the...


“It’s A New Beginning, A Fresh Start, A Happy Ending”

What we do in our lives…how we live our lives…determines our future and our ending. Yes. We do still have some control over our everyday lives. Many persons have tough beginnings and yet by some way or another are found to have favorable endings. Some overcome and some do not. There are many people who...


How Long Is Yours?? (Part 1)

What happened to Ike Turner (Tina Turner’s first husband); who struggled with life and its vissitudes, including drug abuse and inability to overcome the demonic spirits which haunted him to death. He was born November 5, 1931 and when he was 25 years, he met Ana Mae Bullock, (who became Tina Turner) and things began...