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“Honoring Dr. King by Respecting Our Bodies” “Cow With Stripes?!” “Zebra with Spots?!” “Stay Prepared! What’s Next?!” Part 2

Refresh my memory: Genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) are living organisms whose genetic material has been artificially manipulated in a laboratory through genetic engineering. This creates combinations of plant, animal, bacteria, and virus genes that do not occur in nature or through traditional crossbreeding methods.” Genetic modification of organisms is the process of altering the DNA of an organism to give the...


ASK DR. JEANETTE, SUCCESS ON THE WAY: “State of The Raging Nations!”

The United States came into existence 243 years ago-1776. The kingdom of Iraq was granted independence in 1932; Iran came into existence 1979; Turkey- 1923; Ancient Egypt 3150 B.C. Some believe Africa came into existence 50,000 years ago. The Persian Empire began 550 B.C., ending 330 B.C.; Russia existing from 1991, The Soviet Union 1922;...


“The Pre-Emminence and Exaltation of Self-Will” Part 1 MaMa! MaMa! Where’s God MaMa! Where’s God? Part 2 of 2

We don’t in fact know if George Floyd was asking “Where’s God?” But, one might assume he was calling for a response from heaven! He was in more than what might be called great distress. He was desperate for help! “I can’t breathe!” I heard this was “training day!” O’Lord! Is this what happens during...


Racism vs. Love in the Boxing Ring Part 2

Racism was personified in my last article, pictured as an “entity” going about infecting the world population, to bring realism to what it is, how it operates and where it comes from. It’s like a “disorder” needing treatment, reigning in the “spiritual realm” and operates through the mind and actions. No one is exempt to...


Racism: The “Scourge” of This Age

Racism lies in the bloodstream of “The World System” under the influence of the adversary. “Scourge”: a person or thing that causes great trouble, oppression; severe punishment; affliction. [Merriam Webster]; sounds like racism to me. During The Kavanaugh hearings for Supreme Court Justice, I have heard commentators make’ derogatory remarks like “old White men.” It’s...


Racism: Cloak of Deceit Part 1

Racism takes on new dimensions sprawling to new heights. Like “everything” is about race. It’s a dark cloak that rides the fastest steed, disguised, going to conquer the mind…an infectious plague elevated to “spiritual power, a “god, an idol” with those who ride the race for personal aggrandizement and power. The subjects don’t know what’s...