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Heart OR Gut?

Hello! People frequently say, “Follow your heart.” “Follow your gut.” I hear that advice often. Here are my thoughts on these casually stated directive decision making instruments. First: The person making these statements takes no responsibility for the results and outcome of the decision made. Next, the heart is deceitful and desperately wicked! Who can...


Brave and Courageous Women!’ Pharaoh and Herod: Villains Part 2

Shiphrah, Puah and Jochebed were most
courageous and con dent in their positions
of rightness. They were fearless! Imagine
having to confront the Pharaoh and disobey
his command to kill the boy babies. Think
about their response to him when he learned
they were not killing the baby boys,
explaining, ‘When they would get to the
Hebrew women who were having the babies,


“The spirit of Pharaoh and Herod”

Some people don’t believe God exists. That’s not really true, because they see the sun, moon and stars and know there is the Creator. They deny His existence. Well, that’s not unusual. God is beyond full comprehension: He is omniscience, omnipresent, and sovereign. Because of these unfathomable attributes: able to see all, know all and...


When Greed and Avarice is Not Enough

Life presents challenges. Sometimes it may
be di cult to “think outside the box.”
However, we move forward and survey
where we have been, how we evaluate life’s
path…it takes meditation, thinking through
what’s happened. Look at the highlights, the
successes and things which may not have
worked well as you would have preferred.
Patience. Life isn’t a straight line. It’s more
like a...


Your ‘Power Glow’ ‘He is a Person

Wow! I intended to do a Part 2 on the US status and foreign countries. There’s so much going on that’s on the back burner. The news seems to be primarily aimed at elected officials beating up and criticizing each other in a see-saw tug a’ war for power and even if one side does...


The Left Hand And The Right Hand!!???’

Mae Mae (my mother) used to say, “Don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.” In the context of her statement, it was most likely brokered with a lot of wisdom. She was saying, don’t tell all your business to one person or one friend. Don’t show all your feelings out...


“Do The Math”: “Beginning of Path to Incarceration”

I thought you might be interested in the demographics of Sacramento Uni ed due to published high suspension rates: Enrollment 42,776: October, 2016:19.1% Asian—13.1% African American—39.8% Hispanic/Latino— 2.1% Native Hawaiian Paci c Islander—18% White—6.4% Two or more races—20.4% English Learners 0.7% Foster Youth—0.7% Homeless—70.3% Socioeconomically Disadvantaged—12.5% Special Education.  Lea Luellen, senior at Inderkum [president ofBlack...


When Hatred Turns Good! Part 2

Jose was imprisoned because the wife of the king lied on him and said he wanted to rape her. [big, lying hussy!] He lands in prison; locked up because of this lying woman!” But, God will not be defeated! In prison, the prosecutor prison guard found favor in Jose and made him in charge over...


When Hatred Turns Good! Part I

Sounds a little crazy, huh? But, let’s follow some fascinating ancient happenings. Haven’t you seen how sometimes what you thought would turn out to be terrible further on down the road, something happens and it’s not as bad as you thought it could be and something at the end turns to be good. There once...