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“Ask Dr. Jeanette” At Success On “The Way”

This subject of land restrictions is of special interest to me. My husband, Clark Parker, Sr., tells a fascinating account of our own property ownership. We can therefore easily relate to covenants, deeds and restrictions research project, especially since he is an accomplished real estate expert and builder of multimillion homes, condominiums, schools and other...


“The Substitute”

Which would you prefer? Would you prefer being a “substitute” or long-term or permanent? What’s the difference?? To be a “substitute” doesn’t lend itself to a degree of permanence. Does it? Let’s think of it this way. Can you think of anyone or anything that was substitute, but also permanent? What did I hear you...


The Mustard Seed

(Thanks for reading) It’s fascinating to watch the growth of an idea, a seed, a dream. More than 350,000 neighbors attend yearly, Taste of Soul Festival. Many might like to know about its beginnings. “It’s been 14 years, now since beginning Taste of Soul Family Food Festival on Crenshaw Blvd. Bakewell Media boasts multiple thousands...


Legal Drug Stronghold on Opioid Market Affects Young Gifted’

Thanks for reading! “Recognizing that youth commonly receive care from a pediatrician or general practitioner during adolescence and young adulthood – precisely when the incidence of opioid use disorder (OUD) sharply increases– the American Academy of Pediatrics released a policy statement this month calling for expanded access to medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for Scott E. Hadland,...


Re-Invent Yourself The Best is Yet to Come

Someone said to me, “I don’t want to hear about Israel.” Well, so what. My purpose of writing about Israel is to hopefully provoke enlightenment that doesn’t damage. After all, it is a center of the world. Israel profoundly effects world future. Knowledge may be increased. This study sounds similar to African history: Hebrew, Israelite...


Twelve Signs of the Zodiac’ ‘The Fourth Day’

“Yeah, man, I follow my horoscope every day.” “That’s right girlfriend. I buy it at the grocery store.” Is it okay to live by horoscope predictions? Here’s the thing. Walking down the street is not wrong; but, it’s what you do on the street. Some people live by following horoscopes. Some stop in and want...


You’re Rich!! You’re are Wealthy!!

Did you receive your Mother’s Day call or visit last week? Mother’s Day got started with people like Anna Jarvis. It’s sometimes taken for granted. I bet you had a wonderful day and appropriately celebrated as a fantastic person. Mothers have raised their healthy children are Wise, ‘Rich and Wealthy.’ We could talk about mothers...


You’re Rich! Think About It; Just In Case part 1

I have many things to tell you, but cannot tell you all. A while back someone asked me, “What’s wrong with you [when I wrote my article on eggs]?” Some people don’t have vision and don’t put two-and-two together. For those who paid attention, it was a prophetic article; because not far off, there came...


When Greed and Avarice is Not Enough

Life presents challenges. Sometimes it may
be di cult to “think outside the box.”
However, we move forward and survey
where we have been, how we evaluate life’s
path…it takes meditation, thinking through
what’s happened. Look at the highlights, the
successes and things which may not have
worked well as you would have preferred.
Patience. Life isn’t a straight line. It’s more
like a...