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You’re Rich! Think About It; Just In Case part 1

I have many things to tell you, but cannot tell you all. A while back someone asked me, “What’s wrong with you [when I wrote my article on eggs]?” Some people don’t have vision and don’t put two-and-two together. For those who paid attention, it was a prophetic article; because not far off, there came...


When Greed and Avarice is Not Enough

Life presents challenges. Sometimes it may
be di cult to “think outside the box.”
However, we move forward and survey
where we have been, how we evaluate life’s
path…it takes meditation, thinking through
what’s happened. Look at the highlights, the
successes and things which may not have
worked well as you would have preferred.
Patience. Life isn’t a straight line. It’s more
like a...


No Curse!!

“Curses” have been pronounced since thousands of years. There’s one curse…if you self- pronounce. If you say bad things to your children; [you ain’t never gonna amount to nothing] make deadly prognoses on their future it hinders them. You may have cursed them with words that curse. It’s just has easy to pronounce blessings!. If...


Aaww, Come on Now. Let’s Get Real

Well, what church do they go to? I sure don’t know what they’re teaching!? Is’nt that embarrassing when people say something like that? Some, where people have expectations of people who say they’re Christians if they’re drinking and brawling, carousing.. either the onlookers might say. “He/she couldn’t be Christian and acting like that!! Could they?...


““The Peeper” Part 2 “Who’s Peeping Through the Peephole!!??””

This historical journey you are taking with me dates back to about 1921- 1491BC capturing when
“the promise” made to Abraham and confirmed through his son, Isaac and grandson, Jacob [the Patriarchs]. This promise of land and seed is critical biblical history relevant today and into the millennium. Christians’ have inheritance as “spiritual seed” of Abraham....


Call Me Brilliant (Part 2)

Call Us Indestructible, Magnificent, Wonderful, Creative, Highly Gifted, Intelligent!! Well, I certainly struck a soft spot on this one. And I’m glad about it! You recall me ranting on about believing that African American, Latinos, Middle Eastern or whoever want to be recognized as people of character. No called vulgar, demeaning names…“He’s Latino,” a gangster…a...


Have Exceeding Abundantly Above!!

Can you ask for more?…. exceeding abundantly above all that you can ask, think or imagine! Who can do that?… sounds supernatural. Right? If someone says, “I’ll give you what you want. I’ll give you what you need.” Sounds tricky and slippery.. Huh…Well, haha. It sounds good, but who knows exactly what you want or...


Patrick Ewing: “The Success Man”

Patrick Ewing, the incoming Georgetown coach walked into the standing-room-only news conference as the band chanted “Hoya Saxa.” in the freshly minted athletic center bearing the name of John Thompson Jr, the iconic former coach who built the Hoyas into a national power, and for whom Ewing became the program’s most identifiable player. Ewing now...


Transgender In The News: The bathroom debate

President Trump’s Administration Rescinds past President Obama Rule On Transgender Students’ Bathroom Use.. Well, what does that all mean? Past President Obama Rule that students would be allowed to use bathrooms based on whatever gender they stated themselves to be [at least that’s my understanding], but not based on what their birth certificates say the...


Love Feast

O’ the bliss of God created Marriage…a treasured gift between male and female created for joy, companionship and procreation. The speaker in Solomon says, He lies between my breasts all night like a bag of myrrh! WOWEE! God messaged to all His position on matrimony. We have so many questions to ask God??? THE creator–earth,...