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Stay Cool

There’s enough to get excited about without stressing. Have you noticed people like to see you become unglued or want to entangle you in your words? What makes you become “out of control or out of sorts?” There is actually a movie called “Stay Cool.” I’m not advertising a movie! Here’s the thing, when situations...


You Got The Power!!

Every day brings fresh challenges; some are similar to previous challenges. Somehow, they take on a new identity. Where does that leave us? What do we do? Well, here’s the answer! Take ona new attitude! Refresh yourself! Put on fresh make-up (so to speak), a new cologne, some fresh perfume. Wipe away the anxiety. Stop...


What!?! Are you still mad about that??!!

I’m convinced. Cold, frozen anger can make you physically sick. The physical sickness can become a manifestation and personification of inward anger. And, you become unhappy. It’s that same old tape recording in your head playing something that happened months and years ago. You’re the only one suffering. The other person has gone on about...


Just Do It!

We hear this aphorism frequently, “Just Do It!” directing us to propel ourselves away from procrastination, [a component of laziness]; putting o ‘til tomorrow what you can do today. If you’re looking back, you can’t see forward and may not get anything done at all. Our society is high tech; no time to put off....


Aspire to Inspire!

Inspire yourself! “BE” your own Best Friend!” You have support all the time. He said, “I will be what I want to be.” In other words, “He will be what you need Him to be.” Your needs are met! Who or what is your most threatening enemy many of the times? Our own thoughts may...


SMILE! Success Is On “The Way”

Smiles diffuse tension. Smiling makes you feel better, physically and mentally. Smiles empower you. A smile demonstrates attitude, a good attitude. Smiles make you more approachable. When you talk over the telephone, keep a smile in your heart. The other person will see your smile through your pleasant voice tone. Do you feel discouraged sometimes?...