Chicago’s Law Abiding Folks

Remember my article from last week? The little girl did not steal new doll clothes to replace the worn, tattered dolly clothes; she made a wise decision by learning to sew and be self sufficient! Now…I heard many bad things about Chicago…shootings, robberies…same ol’ stories. Let’s focus on the good and those who are not doing good will learn another way. I decided there must be good things going on in Chicago! I was right!… a lot more good happening, than bad. Here’s some of what I found. Here’s a start. Rashanah Baldwin, a lifelong Englewood, Chicago resident and local journalist, is a determined person pulling out the best while others pay attention to the worst. She has a radio program aimed at deliberately making Englewood better. Speaking to the Huffington Post, she says, “Englewood wasn’t always this way. In the 1920s, the neighborhood was home to Chicago’s second busiest shopping district, located at Halsted and 63rd, and its population had swelled to over 86,000 before topping out at almost 98,000. In the 1940s, real estate values dipped in the area and disinvestment soon followed. Major retailers left, reinvigoration efforts flagged and, by 2010, the neighborhood’s population had dwindled to about 30,000. Many lots sit empty and homes vacant.” She’s making things better. [Joseph Erbentraut, Huffington Post] But, there is more good to talk about. Bruno Abbate, chef and owner of Tocco, a popular Italian restaurant in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood is serving up a new beginning… teaches cooking classes to inmates to help give them a fresh outlook on life by taking their mindset in a new direction of hope from Division 11 at Illinois’ Cook County Jail. He is teaching them to believe in themselves and not give up hope of returning to a pro table life away from jail. [Joseph Erbentraut Huffington Post]. “The Jackie Robinson West players, looked like everyone in the nation knew about the U.S. champions of this year’s Little League World

Series. Many did not know about a 12-year-old on the team with no particular home to return to. The Sun-times reported the 12-year-old ‘s family was homeless. Spencer Leak Jr. 44-year-old vice president of Chicago’s Leak & Sons Funeral Homes heard about it and announced on the air his family’s business would cover an entire year’s rent for them. “I just felt for them. I looked at my son and my daughter and by the grace of God, they’re able to come home to their own beds every night. But that could all end tomorrow,” Leak told Hu Post. “God has blessed us, so we have to give back however we can.” [Kim Belware Huffington Post] When we think beyond ourselves good happens.

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