Conquering Challenges Through Daily Discipline Break Cycle

Every one has daily challenges. That’s a given. The question is: identifying the challenges and determining “how” you will live above them, successfully work through them and go beyond. Think things through and plan your mental strategy. Some people have to plan as minutely as getting out of bed OR someone has to help them get out of bed. So, we’re greatly blessed if we can get up, get dressed and get out by our own daily habits. Different people have different ways to attack daily and long term challenges. What is yours? …blindly move from day-to-day with no plan of anticipating there may be surprise difficulties? Plan for whatever the challenge may be, keep a tenacious frame of mind and moving through the problem knowing you will find an answer and make a success of it! How do you begin your day? Was there a little too much to drink the night before? Do you drink alcohol at all? It’s best not too much or not at all. How about good night’s rest? How are your eating habits? Eating too much? Use temperance and moderation. Don’t underestimate the immediate and long range effect of bad, out of control eating habits. It will catch up with you in time. Taking into accountability what you ate; what you’re going to eat and what you plan to eat is critical. Perhaps, one might say, “Why are you giving so much attention to eating?” Well, eating and dieting advertisements are just about everywhere. Is dieting really the problem? I think not. But, what is in the diet is important. Many have given up on diets. Perhaps, diets have served their place in even promoting bad eating habits. Hopefully, come to the realization what’s more important: “discipline!” Some people’s eating habits are out of control and can’t get back into control without help and that’s good to know that. Take your health seriously. Bad eating habits do not all the time lead to obesity. If you take a careful look at eating habits, a lot of things are out of control coming from the mind to be reined in.

The mental state controls habits whatever they may be. Everything starts from the mind. Whatever you do, good habits taking medication, therapy, exercise, etc. The mind is the dictator. How about refocusing… paying more attention to keeping control over our bodies through mental discipline and making discipline the focus. You have control. After all, controlling one’s own habits will lead to weight loss if that is the goal. Eating the right foods helps mental focus, strength and endurance, all needed and desirable goals of attainment. Habits become imbedded into the mind. So what’s there in your mind is what you do! Break the cycle! Take control!

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