Daddy Come Back!

Many of us grew up without full time or part time fathers or no father at all or knowledge of our fathers. Many factors contribute to “father absence.” What is “father absence.” It could mean physical or emotional absence. Children generally children know something important is missing. Could be, father absence is never discussed. The subject is avoided. But, children know; because they feel it in their hearts and some of them are broken hearted. They basically have no ultimate control over this. When I was a little girl, I wondered why my father was not around every day. I learned later on, it was not a compatible situation for my married mother and father. But, my mother managed. (It was difficult, but she was fantastic!) We were allowed to take long summer visits with my father. We would stop along the highway and buy Foster’s Freeze ice cream cones. What memories! They never argued–never. She never uttered anything derogatory about him. Certainly, she had many challenges, financial….. She wanted a more traditionally functional home environment; but it didn’t work out that way. So, here we are with many children who have a void in their hearts; an emptiness that never goes away. My husband and I stayed married for more than 50 years, because we did not want our children to endure the heartbreak of not having their father or mother. Relationships have their difficulties; but we pursue success. It’s a lot of give and take. Let’s pursue Success on the ‘Way’ in healing the broken hearts of the children. Fathers are needed!

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