Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover…..

As I walked today, two men were passing by using profanity. I stopped and said to them, “There’s a lady in your presence.” One kept walking; the other humorously said, “I don’t see a lady,” squinting his eyes; “I’m blind. I’m blind. I can’t see,” turning his head from side to side, smiling, jesting. I repeated, “There’s a lady in your presence,” I smiled with him. He said, “Oh, excuse me Ma’m..” We chatted. He said, “You know the older women respect the Black men more than the young women and I can’t get no respect from them. They treat me like I’m a nobody, a bum.” Speaking lightly, I said, “Well, you know, you have to respect yourself too.” He said, “That’s right. But they just don’t respect us Black brothers.” We chatted politely and respectfully. He was so impressed that during our chat, he politely put his arm around my shoulder three times and said three times, “You blessed my day.” I said, “You blessed my day too.” I said, “We never know, we could be entertaining angels unawares.” He said, “I’m an angel.” I said, “Yes, you are.” [As I write, tears are in my eyes.] We are not everything today what we can become tomorrow. Our past does not determine our future. Everybody needs and deserves respect, regardless of where we are, what we look like, how we’re dressed or even how we smell! We’re created equal by ONE Creator. Success is Yours! You Owe It To Yourself!

Copyright: TXu 2-117-462 – 09/19/2018

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