“Fear and The Fear Of It”

The light will shine and things will get better. I was thinking of you and I wrote a poem for you. When I was in high school and junior college and elementary school, my teachers were optimistic and encouraging. Well, maybe not one or two. The spoken word can be uplifting or discouraging to the point of damaging one’s whole life. One of the biggest lies told If we can manage our tongues and what words roll off of them, we can help ourselves more and help others. If we can constrain our facial expressions which also speak words, our communication improves. Three of the teachers I remember most vividly because of their words spoken to me and others.  I distinctly remember who said negative things. The way things were situated, we had to meet first thing in the morning for homeroom. She would stand in the front in the auditorium speaking negative words to whomever she thought or saw indiscriminately. So, I’m sitting there somewhere in the middle, just listening. She spoke my name aloud, “Jeanette Grattan, “What are you sitting there looking with that stupid look on your face?” You can imagine, I just wanted to melt into the atmosphere through the bottom of my seat. In another scenario, some years later, I had done some writing, showed it to my professor. He said, “You didn’t write this!” I said, “Yes, I did.” He walked away with no further comment. Here’s my point. Give yourself a chance to express your best. Where there is the opportunity, give others a chance to express themselves in a good and positive manner. Where possible, explain to them if the person/persons have an ear to hear for self-improvement. Sometimes, people want to say something and may even say something. It may not come off the way it is intended. Remember that. Not everyone speaks explicitly and distinctly. Could be their thoughts aren’t clear. We know that. Life is progressive. Here a little. There a little. It is an incremental learning process. Some learn faster and definitely in parts. Learn how to close read. Word by word, sentence by sentence. Sometimes you have to read paragraphs several times to comprehend. It must be learned by some..studied. Where does fear come in? Fear can be a deadly emotion. If allowed, it can overtake your daily life. Fight back!! I have said this several times. When things get hard and difficult, DON’T GIVE UP! DON’T GIVE IN! Do not allow the power of fear overtake your day, your hour, your life. Press through the resistance. The light will shine through. Patience is a critical. Wait a little bit before starting to believe it will never happen! Remember our Lord God Almighty is actively watching, observing attententively and waiting to respond…ready to give a release into your life…a personal blessing to be received just for you. I wrote a poem just for you.

“All is Well”

It’s not darkness. It’s day light!

The leaves sway blowing without worry or care.

The stars shine, twinkling over the universe.

All is well.

Boughs of the trees obey.

They know who they belong to, listen to and pray to.

They’re strong.

Why do you worry?

Why are you afraid?

The Spirit of the wind blows away your fear. The rains wash away the debris.

They whisper gently in your ear…words of comfort…I AM here…I AM there..

I AM everywhere…Shh…listen!

Jeanette Grattan Parker Ph. D-Founder-Superintendent Todays Fresh Start Charter School www.todaysfreshstart.org (323)293-9826 4514 Crenshaw Blvd. Los Angeles, California 90043: info@todaysfreshstart.org Weekly Columnist for LA Sentinel News & LA South Chamber of Commerce askdrjeanette.successontheway@gmail.com articles copyright February 04, 2021 all rights reserved©” Inquiring Minds Want To Know” ©website askdrjeanetteparker.com “©The Father Famine” “Ask Dr. Jeanette”™

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