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While reading, I saw, “opening of the prison to them that are bound,” which references, “opening of the understanding or the heart.” Then my thoughts went to Guantanamo Bay, which I heard about. Much of our opinions are formed from what we hear. After hearing about [GTMO] “Gitmo,” I got the picture of a prison, a horrible place to spend one’s time. Recently, Guantanomo Bay Prison has been publicized as a place of torture; men kept indefinitely: no trial, no defined crime/s. Maybe they know in their own minds??? I see images of terrorists and really dangerous enemies. After doing some reading, it seems that the images formed in my mind turned out to be basically correct as far as what is publicized. We are led to believe Guantanomo Naval Base prisoners are labeled threats to national security. I was moved to seek more information on our U.S. Military prison in a US Naval Base.

President Obama said he was closing the camp. Easy to say. Di cult to do. In early 2016, 91 prisoners remained there of different ethnic backgrounds. Some transferred. Where will new detainees be held or will there be any??

President Obama seems to want to close the prison by getting them all out in one way or another. The prison was opened [2002] under President Bush. Perhaps the intent was to protect national security. Now the threat and spread of terrorism is huge. They can’t catch all the dangerous pervasive terrorists. Can the four young African American people who terrorized and tortured the mentally challenged boy be rehabilitated? Christ can do it. What cruelty!!!

Violence overruns our streets, neighborhoods, seems like a whole lot of people could be tried and sent to Gitmo. Oh, I forgot?? Those prisoners, some Yemeni, Afghans, Muslims didn’t get trials and had indefinite free stay. What will we do about the rampantly flourishing crime–Chicago, San Francisco, our communities?? We need to be proactive with jobs forthcoming and stop cultivating crime and education from an “anal” approach and start the “oral” approach. Let’s stop spending volumes of money on prisons [That system doesn’t work.] and invest in educating our young “before” they’re criminals. I’ve been saying this for years and years. We’re killing ourselves and our youth.

A few prisoners have been released from Guantanamo Bay. In 2013, the incarceration rate of the U.S. was the highest in the world: 716 per 100,000 of the national population and houses around 22 percent of the world’s prisoners.

Shameful!! Some prisoners are wrongfully convicted. Release them, offer intense work rehabilitation. President Barack Obama will be the first president in 36 years to leave office with a smaller federal prison population than he inherited.

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