Get ’em all High!!

I have mixed thoughts about legalizing marijuana. There are “drugs” on the market claiming to be safe. After the drugs have been disseminated and used, are found unsafe. (Same months back I wrote you about the numerous drug advertised on television with convincing voices selling the “buyer beware,” because known side effects were devastating; as serious as suicide!) As I have evaluated the latest development of “legal marijuana for medicinal purposes,” it certainly does not seem to be any worse than other drugs on the market boasting healing effects. (medical marijuana use can be abused too); just because it’s legal doesn’t make it right. Remember those deceptive opiods). As I thought on marijuana, while it was not legal, what about all those people who are now in prison, found guilty of marijuana possession. How come they’re still in jail? Was illegal, now legal?? Low and behold! I found NPR February 1… breaking news!!!…. “Prosecutors in San Francisco will throw out thousand of marijuana-related convictions of residents dating back 1975. San Francisco District Attorney (D.A.) George Gascón said Wednesday that his office will dismiss and seal 3,038 misdemeanor convictions dating back before the state’s legalization of marijuana went into effect, with no action necessary from those who were convicted. Prosecutors will also review up to 4,940 felony convictions and consider reducing convictions to misdemeanors.” Petitioning to have record expunged is in place; can be costly requiring legal help. The D.A. said only 23 petitions were filed this past year in the city. “A criminal conviction can be (not just can be, it is!!) a barrier to employment, housing and other benefits, so instead of waiting for the community to take action, we’re taking action for the community,” Gascón’s  office noted racial discrepancies in marijuana arrests and sentencing. In 2000, African-Americans were 7.8 percent of San Francisco’s population but comprised 41 percent of marijuana arrests. By 2010 and 2011, African-Americans made up about half of the marijuana-related arrests.. represented only 6 percent of the city’s population, according to the district attorney’s office. D.A. said San Francisco was “taking the lead to undo the damage that this country’s disastrous, failed drug war has had on our nation and particularly on communities of color.” A clear message from the public and California voters… that they were tired of the war on drugs, the war on marijuana and they wanted to go back unwind some to the damage that had been done.. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is scrapping Obama-era guidelines that essentially removed marijuana from the list of federal drug enforcement priorities as more states legalized it. Marijuana remains illegal under federal law, but eight states including California and Colorado legalized the drug and Washington, D.C. Twenty-eight states permit some form of medical marijuana use. (2/01/18 news: NPR: Richard Gonzalez. James Doubek)

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