He Didn’t Have to Do it, But He Did

Crucifixion was a perfected form of Roman capital punishment, excruciatingly painful reserved for non-Roman citizens. Jesus was not guilty of any the three crimes reserved for crucifixion: escaped slave, piracy or sedition against the Roman Empire. The “Cross” immediately brings to mind the atrocious cruelty of Christ’s sufferings before, on His way to the “Cross,” the insensitive preparation to hang on the “Cross” the actual hanging and being convicted of crimes, such as tax evasion and sedition.

He was beaten with leather whips with steel spikes on the ends to a number exceeding the law at that time of 39 lashes (scourged/flogging), carrying His cross [weighing perhaps more than 300 pounds] and then laying the cross on the ground, throwing Jesus [or him dragging himself up to be nailed to the cross, beating huge nails spikes through His wrists and upper ankles, raising Him up so that the cross must stand with the intent of Him dying out in the brutal weather and, according to the tradition, His legs were to be broken. But as God would have it, none of his bones were broken! When the soldiers came around to break His legs, He had expired. Imagine people mocking, spitting on Him and saying all manner of unconscionable, evil slanderous things about Him before and after the hanging.

Imagine! Imagine further that with all this stress on Christ, he managed to speak seven different sayings on the “Cross!”, mentally conscious at all times, making sure His mother was cared for after His resurrection. He forgave the thief on the cross, promising him that he would be with Him in paradise. Finally, Jesus Christ, the Son of Man, The Son of God, the Messiah said, “It is finished.” He voluntarily decided long before the “Cross” to be obedient to “The Father,” to do always those things that please “The Father” for the purpose of saving all souls who believe in His Messiahship as Savior for the whole world who accept Him. He is not racially prejudice and does not require anyone to be totally clean before He accepts you into His fold.

He wants sinners to come to Him with a repentant heart. To disqualify myths of His death, Jesus rose from the dead and showed himself to His disciples and to as many as 500 people at one time. This dispels false notions that He was not raised. He had a resurrected body which could change forms, pass through walls and appear. He could be present, but unrecognizable and vanish. He could speak. They understood it was He. Some celebrate Resurrection Sunday, Passover and/or Good Friday as Holy Days. Those who do not believe have free choice. He wants all to believe in Him.

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