Heart OR Gut?

Hello! People frequently say, “Follow your heart.” “Follow your gut.” I hear that advice often. Here are my thoughts on these casually stated directive decision making instruments. First: The person making these statements takes no responsibility for the results and outcome of the decision made. Next, the heart is deceitful and desperately wicked! Who can know it? The inner person may think you know it, but the fact is, you don’t really know all the workings of the depths of the inner mind; “the heart.” The motives of the heart can only be known by our creator. We may know some of what is in our hearts, but not all. The knowledge you have is circumstantial, peripheral and acted in the heat of the moment. Many humans are short sighted; can only see within a limited distance, but not into the far future. Their conclusions may be only from their imaginations. Prophets, of course, are a different specimen of person. Then, there are gifts held by some. Looking far into the future to be able to actually see and know the results of one’s present day actions is quite limited. Furthermore, following the heart can lead to great potentially tremendous danger. Listening to “the heart” is guess work.

It is spontaneous and unpredictable. Many a person has been disappointed by listening to “the heart.” It is not well thought out at all and satisfies only lusts and being led down a dark pathway with no well thought out plan. Also, if you follow the tips that may be given all along the way, you will recognize that “the heart’s” conclusion is unwise. Now, let’s talk about “the gut.” I would venture to say and think that practically everyone knows what is “the gut.” I hear this all the time! It’s deceptive and leads to whatever comes into your mind, follow that! Not recommended! Keep on following “the gut” and you’re going to find out “the gut” is just that: a trash receptacle, the intestinal track. You may end up in a ditch. Why would anyone in their right thinking want to follow “their gut” and use that as their most intelligent decision making organ. The heart is bad enough, but “the gut!” No! You have heard it said, “I should have listened to my first mind!” “It’s a trial and error process.” Weigh the facts to ensure you consider all the options. The voice in your gut is [sometimes] wise. It can push you to do something that feels right. Another option might yield better results. Listen to your gut and your heart to calculate your next best move. Look at what you think is true to try discerning reality from imagination. Evaluate your thoughts for truth and logic. [PsychologyToday:MarciaReynoldsPsy.D.]

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