“Honoring Dr. King by Respecting Our Bodies” “Cow With Stripes?!” “Zebra with Spots?!” “Stay Prepared! What’s Next?!” Part 2

Refresh my memoryGenetically modified organisms (GMO’s) are living organisms whose genetic material has been artificially manipulated in a laboratory through genetic engineering. This creates combinations of plant, animal, bacteria, and virus genes that do not occur in nature or through traditional crossbreeding methods.” Genetic modification of organisms is the process of altering the DNA of an organism to give the organism traits it did not already possess. They are done by taking the DNA that codes for the desired trait from one organism and adding it to the DNA of another organism. (dpsn.instructure.com)  Ancient documents clearly tell us that you can do things because they are a quick solution; but expediency, impulsiveness doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the right thing to do or that you should do it at all! I decided a while back that I would only eat fish that is from their “wild, natural source.”   I won’t eat “farmed” fish, whatever kind of fish it is. Why did I come to this decision? “Farmed fish is just what it says, “farmed.” Careful thinking and consideration, gives me the opinion that “farmed” fish may give me cancer. So, I don’t eat it. If I want salmon in the restaurant, I ask, “Is it farmed or wild?” If I order fish oils, I read to know if the oils are from “wild fish?” If the label doesn’t indicate “wild,” you know what Dr. Jeanette will say. Say, if you buy tuna, same difference. Buy “wild.” Just think this through with me. Not “wild,” take your chances. Suppose you have a pet fish. Okay, you have to feed that fish, right? It’s not being cared for in it’s natural environment. Right. You have to change the water and feed the fish.. Right? Well, think about this. The artificial method of feeding that fish is nothing to be compared to the natural habitat (natural lakes, oceans, rivers) Right. So, how can you know precisely and exactly that what the fish is being fed is in agreement with their created system. You get my point. Salmon and other farmed fish have to be fed by artificial means; whatever they are. So, they would be eating their own fesses and other manufactured processes. This is my opinion. Watch what you’re eating and buying and listening to and consuming through your mind, body and mouth. A voice may be saying in your head, “Oh, GMOs won’t hurt you. Look for “NO GMO’s.” Be picky. “If I want to avoid eating Genetically Modified salmon, what salmon should I buy? Buy only wild salmon – do not buy farmed salmon. That’s my policy. See: “cban Canadian Biotechnology Action Network.” Presently, there is research into developing genetically engineered (GE) foods and its happening. Sounds like a good idea? Humm. If the goal is no hunger in the world…Maybe the Millennium. Think about this: some people take wild animals (tigers, lions, snakes) and say, “I’m going to bring up this cute little, lion cub for my pet lol. One day that cute little lion cub says, I’m tired of this trying to be tamed. I want “wild” and go to my natural place and this is not it.” Cute little lion cub grows up, speaks to his animal mind, “there’s something unnatural here?” Gets really angry.. malls the owner. In the garden of Eden it would not be a problem, but….. Get smart. Don’t eat GMO’s. (Re: Leviticus 19:19) You shall not crossbreed two different kinds of livestock; (cattle and diverse kind) nor  sow your fields with mingled seed; nor wear clothing made of linen and wool…two kinds of material. Our creator has established a physical distinction in the order of His creation. For man to bring about a union of dissimilar things is to bring about a dissolution of the Divine laws and to act contrary to the ordinances of Him who is holy, and to whose holiness we are to attain.” Such commixtures contravenes the Divine order of things and lessens the abhorrence of the act (crime) prohibited. This is a message for those who believe there is “the creator” and for even those who do not believe. (Ellicott’s Commentary).

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