I Been Double Crossed!!?? You Deceitful So-n-So!?

Have you ever been deceived? Who has not been double-crossed? Uh, Hellooo. I didn’t hearr you.. What!? No, never. Well la-de-tee, la-de-daa. Okay, let’s review and tell the truth. I’m gonna ask you again?! Who has never been deceived? O-okay. Now you get it. Just think back. From the beginning in the Garden, deception was the primary motivator. It’s not my intent to start you rethinking bad stuff from the past. Let’s be smart; learn from our experiences so we can teach others, not only our children, but grandchildren and whoever will listen to good sense. Somebody might say, “I did this, that and the other; because the other person did this to me. The problem with that is you start playing the “blame game.” Just because one person does something, that doesn’t mean you have to do something back for revenge. Oh. Let’s not forget about vicious ol’ anger. It can be indescribably dangerous if not extinguished. It burns slowly ‘til it’s a forest re destroying your life. Making decisions under the influence of anger can have lifetime damaging effects.

Sometimes you think you’re making a decision, but anger is controlling. You start doing things, saying things, yelling.. acting all crazy at family, people, never looking at yourself to figure your  role in this flaming problem. My-my-my. Have you tried to talk someone into good senses? Tiring.. Some have hidden anger and set up a shield disallowing you from even talking to them. Have you experienced that? Back to the point of who is deceiving whom? You keep thinking in your mind,

“No, there’s something wrong with him/her.” Don’t get involved. At that moment everything looks great. But peek behind the camouflage mask.. blind to the real problem until you’re in it… gotten involved. BAM?!! He/she’s not right for you. The other person… totally convinced that they’re making the right decision. You see it crystal clear and you wonder, “Why didn’t they see this coming?” It’s because their ears may be closed spiritually/morally. Their hearts are waxed callous. They only hear what sounds and feels good in the moment! They’re impatient too!

They’re in La-La land of imagination.” Their mind played a trick on them [again]…didn’t do their homework.. didn’t think things through…Before you know it…there they go,.. gone and did it anyway against all good sense and sound advice. They’re deceived! Open eyes, blind mind. The other person looks good at the moment [all dressed up smelling good with cologne/perfume, clean shave, manicured]; Sittin’… at the restaurant…spoon feeding you with romantic talk and spoon feeding you with perversions. Just wait. Check him/her out in another scenario and perspective, you’re dealing with a whole different personality. Ha, ha.. gotcha! But, thank Almighty God, not everyone is a deceiver.

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