Idols of the Mind

What is an “idol?” So, you said, “I don’t worship idols.” Take a look here. Idol worshipping.

I disruptive and destructive object of force. An idol is something worshipped and valued above other things of real importance. In ancient times an idol would be an “image, like a formed, molten image.” If it is an object image, you can easily recognize that it is not profitable to stand in front of it, bow down before it, keep it in your mind to start believing that the image is speaking to you and you have to follow the dictates of the image. Sounds strange. However, this happens to people. They sometimes read those horoscopes and that becomes in an idol of the mind; because some use that as their directive for daily life. For those who do that [and, of course I know you don’t], that’s an idol of the mind. The image might be a frog, horse, grasshopper, rat, cow, snake, crocodile, cats, animals of different sorts or something else that you might not consider to be objectionable. In fact, an idol personified as an object could lead to unspoken bad consequences. Ancient scriptures are clear that God hates idolatry and adultery. In scriptural context, God considers adultery, not only sexually but when any person decides to forsake HIM and substitute idolatrous and adulterous practices. You see, God is jealous.

He means it when He says, “I will not accept any gods before me.” “Do not form and gods. Do no manufacture any gods. Do not worship any gods.” I AM it” Beside HIM, no other God Nor, will I accept any substitutes for me. I AM holy.” What is he talking about? What or who are these gods? These gods or idols? Let’s try to bring close to home. Impatience can be an idol— Just can’t wait. By not waiting, you lose opportunities and valuable assets.  Assets are not only material things. Impatience can lose your family,  your home; for example: gambling-over-spending, not using temperance in life; could be that gluttony problem; not able to control excess in weight and types of foods.

What about anger. Won’t stop temper rantings. These are “idols of the mind.” Your appetite may be your idol. God calls idolatry adultery, because one forsakes HIS rules and commits adultery with the graven images and “goes whoring with other gods.” Singers are named “idols.” Undisciplined can be your idol; stubborn. You love whatever you’re doing so much  you can’t stop! “I love it. I love it! I won’t quit no matter what! Very dangerous and too bad. Quit. When? After you’re sick or lame and no turning around. Do you have a conscience that is like sandpaper. Even if you rubbed it and rubbed it, you never come to the understanding that what you may be doing needs to stop. How about those who leave their homes and children and decide they just want something different. Get into trouble [after a long, long time], realization kicks in. It’s too late. Focus on what your emphasis is. Where is your heart? Can you not stop oogling other men or women. A woman passes by and you “break your neck” to see her
behind.” What does the wife think about uncontrolled desire and imaginations of the heart and mind?? Or, you’re thinking, “Ooh, I sure would like to—.” Okey. You say, I didn’t really go to bed with her or kiss her—.” You’re fooling yourself. You have already committed idolatry/adultery in your mind! Not complicated to understand; but difficult to practice. Be watchful. Self-control. Before you turn your head, think! Consider if the shoe is on the other foot. Would you want your wife oogling other men? I doubt it. Idolatry is not dead.

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