It Doesn’t Seem That Serious!’ Aw, Really??!!

I never thought it would come to that…Didn’t you think about it? Yeah, I thought about it; but I didn’t know it was all that important.  

Then, after I got to know him/ her, he/she changed! The situation changed. Everything changed! What did he/she do? What happened that this change came up? I was looking for the balance in my account and the money wasn’t there! He/she told me the money was being invested. And, you believed that? Did you check anything? Did you follow through…ask questions? Sometimes, it’s that “trust” which you let down defenses. What were the symptoms?.. started hanging around with bad influences? He/she started smoking e-cigarettes. His/her head started hurting and started coughing and wheezing and breathing hard, even in his/her sleep started.

Something happened. Here’s the thing. Some of the most serious decisions can be made at the “drop of a hat.” Or, health, physical symptoms are evidence of something more serious. “Dr. Troy Madsen, an emergency room physician at University of Utah Health Care is the commentator: “Today, some symptoms that don’t seem serious but could be…signs that a serious medical condition that a lot of people ignore because kind of numb to these things…the big three? No particular order. “Dr. Madsen: as we talked about this that people often don’t take very seriously but when they come in sometimes we can find serious things going on. First one is headaches. I think a lot of us are used to headaches. We work, we get tension headaches, sometimes we just don’t feel quite right, a little nauseated. But I oftentimes find that people with headaches just feel like “I’ve just got to tough it out,” just get through it and it will go away. Dr. Madsen: Exactly. And, sometimes headaches are a sign of something very serious going on. A lot of times, the red flags with headaches are, headaches that come on very suddenly, very severe, maybe make you feel more nauseated then maybe you’ve been with previous headaches, certainly if you’re passing out because of headaches. Another interesting thing with headaches that’s more serious is if it wakes you up in the morning, like you get a headache and you wake up and this headache is the thing that woke you up. Dr. Madsen: that’s often a sign of something going on in the brain. that can be a more serious thing. If it’s a sudden onset severe headache, get to the ER, if it’s a headache that’s waking you up in the morning, something to talk to your doctor about. One thing more, pay attention to your eating habits. As much as possible, eliminate excessive fats, sugars and salt. These can be killers. Too many people think its normal to be overweight. It’s not. As you get older, that problem works on your heart, lungs, kidneys and vital organs. Back to headaches: It might not be a bad idea if you just kind of always have headaches to talk to your doctor about it.

Live healthy! Dr. Madsen: Yeah, you’re exactly right. Number two on three things that don’t seem serious but could be.. back pain.

…”Tough it out (no), I get pain in my back, maybe I was doing some lifting, something like that.” Back pain can be serious. We see lots and lots of people with abdominal pain, who don’t have anything wrong. But then we see people with abdominal pain who come in and say “I’ve had this pain in the right lower side of my abdomen for five days now. I just figured it was gas and it would go away.” Protect your health. Reference:

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