It’s That Green Eyed Monster Again!

Well here we go a-a-a-gain! Can you believe it? From the beginning of time this objectionable destructive emotion which morphs into extremely bad actions has existed. Here’s the strongest example that I can demonstrate this for our knowledge or to add to your existing knowledge.

Whatever is the case, let’s move on. You can almost think of most anything and see the “green eyed monster,” (jealousy). Along with jealousy, it has it’s partners: anger, quest for power, quest for name recognition, quest for dominance resulting in bad behavior. Saying “bad behavior” is very low key to describe the horrific outcomes of jealousy and anger. Just think about it: jealousy can be triggered by how another person looks, what they wear, how they talk, what they do as a profession, what they have materially; her house is bigger than mine; his muscles are bigger than mine or just about whatever practically anything can morph into jealousy and the desire to be like someone else or to even be someone else. Let’s just look at “desire.” Desire carries with it a strain of and pull of anxiousness to do something that oftentimes is something that you should not do. For example: drugs, alcohol; these are very bad habits which “possess” the mind! So that your true self is no longer operative. Your real self no longer takes precedence. Desire takes over. This can happen with not only alcohol and drugs. But, these are familiar examples so prevalent in society that we have heard about and some experienced their effects. Then, let’s look at power. Power can be just as addictive as drugs. With some people, the more power they manage to obtain, the more power they want and will do most anything to get it. Let’s not be deceived. That’s what happens.

Sometimes, people think the disease of power, power and more power has to be explained in a public scenario: on television, highlighted by someone on a microphone in church, in an audience (small or large).

But, that’s not always the case. It is through self-examination that we can stop ourselves from doing the right thing, because the quest for power, wealth and other consuming devices get in our way. I’m thinking back on the powerful man who was allegedly sex tracking women and young people. He committed suicide! Remember? Okay, now let’s back up and look at the “father of lies.” Know who I’m talking about? Well, he started out as what appears to be the most beautiful and powerful angels, Lucifer wasn’t satisfied! He wasn’t content to be the most beautiful and very powerful. No, he decided he was going to be God. He has earned himself an even more diabolical name/s: Satan, adversary, that old dragon, the devil, Abaddon, Beelzebub, Belial, Azazel, Mephistopheles. Here’s the point. He is their personification of evil. Its main attribute is evil transmitted through the spiritual wickedness in high places. It was not my intent to give you a Bible lesson. But, to show forth that the world lies under the sway of this diabolical spirit. Get from under any of the disguises of this monster. Just because you may think you’re following that which is right, it may not be. There are disguises.

Look for the disguises. Look beneath the smiling face. Look beneath and beyond. Look at the very day things that are happening right in front of your eyes. Those pictures that show a demonized image with horns and claws; NO, that is not the adversary! It’s disguised in candy wrapper, ecigarettes, certain clothing with words and images. These things are the manifestation of evil and will not prosper anyone in the very, very, very long run. Look to the future. Be like a tree, well watered, fertile and bringing forth your blessings and future in the right season. Be like a tree that will live in the Millennium for a thousand years. Yes, in that age, you will live to be a thousand years old just like before. Trees live hundreds of years even now! Everything that comes out new is not necessarily good for us. Use constraint, self-control, careful thought. Stop, look and listen before you cross the street. Use your eyes, use your ears and THEN USE YOUR FEET! Don’t leap before carefully investigating. That lying is detrimental too. Nowadays, many don’t mind lying and will tell a blatant lie right in your face. It’s so astonishing that you just look at them and let Almighty God judge them:::big liars.

Unbelievable, but true. Well, I don’t know how many words I have written. I’m in Texas. Our daughter is getting married and I’m on the hotel computer;;;can’t get the word count and practically trembling that this dog-program doesn’t kick me o. It just kicked me off one time. But, scared it and started praying and it came back on HaHaHa. Yeah. Pray about everything. Okay. thanks.

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