Just Do It!

We hear this aphorism frequently, “Just Do It!” directing us to propel ourselves away from procrastination, [a component of laziness]; putting o ‘til tomorrow what you can do today. If you’re looking back, you can’t see forward and may not get anything done at all. Our society is high tech; no time to put off. Push yourself forward! Be accountable. We have to “be on it!” People say, “Well…I’ll do it tomorrow.” Act now! “Just Do It!” No excuses. Whatever the situation or circumstance we ad ourselves in, we’re better o taking care of the business “Now,” no procrastinating.

Successful people solve problems, are self-motivated and figure things out. Rather than playing a tape in your head over and over about what happened yesterday or years ago, let it go! Don’t wait. It’s a gift to have a motivator and encourager. But, love and compassion is not always present in a person. Boost yourself. Be your own best friend. Search your mind about your choices. Motivate yourself. Believe that you can accomplish it. Stay in that pathway. “Just Do It!” Once you accomplish it, get it done, you will be so pleased with yourself and be motivated to do more. Not every attempt will be accomplished and perfected. Elementary school teachers in Birmingham, Alabama taught, “If at first a task begun, never leave it ‘til it’s done, be the labor great or small, do it well or not at all!”

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