One of my emails, read, “What’s going on with you?” Good question. Lots going on with me. I’m on the battle field working day and night serving the Lord, answering “His call” to educate our children right here in our community. And I have a lot of people following me in this mission. Join me! I’ve been thinking about “lust.”

Too many people are lusting and don’t know they are; because it’s defined narrowly by “sex.” When lust is narrowly defined, people who are committing lustful acts find a way of escape…may say, “I’m not
committing adultery or fornication?? Not an alcoholic
or drug addict. There are other lusts besides indulgence.

It’s generally defined in the context of “sex”: “He stared at her lustfully; she lusted after him…on and on. Lust spreads. It’s diversified. It’s a passionate desire for something to the extent the person seeks to go after it hedonistically [seeking pleasure above reason and without bounds.] for example, “He/she pursued self pleasure and love for self above family and children. He wanted to be in the world. So, I let him go to run after the his worldly lusts. See how far that got him.” Or, “She’s so greedy she wanted to spend all the money we had, lusting after things.” “She craved food all the time; stopping on the way to get food, hot dogs, candy, cakes, fried food, potato chips, pies. All the time she knew she wasn’t suppose to have that food cause it was bad for her.” He was out of control with his eating habits, craving, but kept on lusting for food until he was 200 pounds overweight.” Lust shows its ugly face like an octopus. He/she was yearning for alcohol knowing it was not good for him/her.”

Don’t forget this one, “power.” So, what is the answer? How do you stop this vicious cycle?” Some people want recognition, fame, a big name; want to be recognized when they walk into a room; want to be looked at above all others.” What do we do with these desires that are propelled by lust? First recognize the problem and submitting to the fact there is a problem and something is out of control. Chill out! Go and just sit down. Take some accountability. Take personal inventory. Make personal quiet time to sort out your thinking. Is your mind saying, “Oh, you can get some more of that.” Listen to yourself!! Did you hear that? Did you just say to yourself even unconsciously, “I want more!” Lust can be like a consuming fire. Have you heard about the res burning now that are unquenchable? That’s how lust is. If you don’t get a grip, it becomes the unquenchable fire.

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