No Curse!!

“Curses” have been pronounced since thousands of years. There’s one curse…if you self- pronounce. If you say bad things to your children; [you ain’t never gonna amount to nothing] make deadly prognoses on their future it hinders them. You may have cursed them with words that curse. It’s just has easy to pronounce blessings!. If the hearer believes the words spoken may saturate into the hearer’s mind… penetrating the hearer’s mind, remembers them; believes what has been spoken and lives out those words through life actions. Words are powerful!

One of the biggest misunderstandings/misconceptions is that Ham, Noah’s son was cursed. Reading carefully reveals Ham was not cursed. Canaan’s generations, the son of Ham were cursed. Commentators got hold of the information and perverted it to their own selfish reasons, spreading the lie to be racially motivated; but had nothing to do with race [as previously stated, the word “race” is not in the bible. There are words like clans, line of, generations of; race is a toxic word, generating bitter thoughts. Let’s eradicate bad words! We are all of one blood. That was publicized many years ago in TIME magazine.

Although, we already knew that; there are those who need to be reminded of basic, generally known facts. The cursing of Canaan has to do with the sin of Ham and perhaps that of Noah having become drunk [maybe he did not realize the wine would be intoxicating] when his father Noah uncovered himself at his drunkenness. It appears the key is in the words “uncovered his nakedness” and “saw the nakedness.” Whatever way it may be, it was reprehensible enough that Noah had no more sons, only the three. Either words conveyed: “uncovered the nakedness” or saw the nakedness” it was definitely related to disrespect to the father and the family. The line of Ham’s son was cursed [Canaan.] The judgment was not directed to Canaan personally but rather to his descendants. A curse is an act committed with words by stating something detestable over the life of someone; making a proclamation of wickedness to bring a less than desirable outcome.

The “curse” referred to certainly was directly linked to some sexual violation, whether it was “saw the nakedness” or “uncover the nakedness” of Noah’s, having incestual act or the act of castration. Whatever it may be, it was an extreme violation. Today, a father could say to his son, “you ought to have a lot of women.” If the son grasps onto that, it might lead him to have illicit sex repeatedly and with that behavior, come children or abortions and other outcomes. The son has a chance to turn it all around and lead his successful life. Some people are cursed because of the actions they see of others and they take on those unspeakably, bad behaviors! Break the cycle!

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