Ohh.. You Mean God?! The Pizza Delivery Guy, Right?!

That’s about as far as some people’s minds go with understanding and comprehending God. We can never comprehend The Almighty God. However, seek Him. Gradually understand Him more and more to love Him, love His way and listen for His voice of divine wisdom. Someone said to me as I was talking about God, the response was: “Oh, he’s like magic, right?!” There is tremendous research on how workers of “magical arts,” prognosticators, those relying on star watching for guidance in their lives; making charms, women luring in men making pillows as a piece in their ways to deceive weak minded men into their traps with false consultations. I could go on and on.

Accessing God’s accessories [so to speak] is not like placing a pizza order. “God, I want anchovies, pepperoni sausage, tomatoes.” Or, “I want a new car with special tires, air conditioning, navigation, automatic convertible top [and whatever]. No. God’s blessings are accessed according to His planned universal laws; like sowing and reaping; law of faith; giving: what you sow is what you reap. Sowing lemons? You won’t get apples. If you’re stingy, you’re going to reap stingy. Now, what are you sowing?

Hopefully, you are not sowing bad seeds into your life. Keep a watch over your life; what you are doing and with whom you are doing it. Are you too trusting…not watching who you are trusting? Are you diligent? Some people see the success of others and fail to understand the labor that has gone into the project or the background of that person. Do you have vision? Can you see your project in your “mind’s eye?” Can you visualize your dream before it comes into reality? You need to do that.

What’s your idea, your concept in your “mind’s eye?” Are you planning and working on your dream’s timeline? Are you praying to God Almighty, listening for His guidance, allowing time to see your dream come into the physical realm? Have you started? Get started somewhere! Do something! If you do nothing, expect nothing! Don’t you know there are forces working against you and the proclamation and reality of your dream? There may be obstacles. You may run into some rocks in the road. Don’t stop.

Tough going is a component in “successful completion” of your dream. This is not uncommon. Dealing with governmental agencies and people in general has an inherent component of “pick yourself up and dust yourself off.” Rest. Prepare for the next round. You totally and absolutely must be persistent. You cannot give up. You must not give up. Your life depends on it! Your success and that of your family depends on it! Remember your great, tenacious mental capacity. It’s like a rubber band. It stretches, but doesn’t break.

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