Part 4 “Blame It On The Apple!” “Blame It On The Orange!” “Blame It on God!?”

Where do you think the idea came from that Adam and Eve ate an apple? Here’s the closest answer I have found (there may be other sources). “Eve ate the fruit which she had lusted after and she gave it to Adam, her husband. (Gen.3:6) “The idea that the fruit mentioned was an apple could have come from the similarity of the Latin words malam (apple) and malum (evil).” (Hebrew-Greek Study Bible) Whether it was an apple, an orange, a banana or whatever, by so eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil was a clear violation of God’s explicit command. This tree had special qualities to reveal that which was not good and having partaken thereof, Adam, the federal head of the human race spread the seed of disobedience throughout all mankind. The idea behind it: it was a test of obedience. Doubt was sown into the mind of Eve. She decided that Satan was telling the truth and she misunderstood God.”

But, she didn’t know what she was doing; therefore not open rebellion against God.” On the other hand, Adam’s trespass was a direct transgression without deception.” (McArthur Study Bible). As it was then, so it is today, somebody comes to you, tells you something, gives you explicit instructions, which you thought you had a clear and thorough understanding of it. But, somebody else comes to you with deceptive motives tricks you into believing a “lie” instead of the truth. There you have it. You have made a mess of things and how can you get out it. Chances are, the trespass cannot be readily correctly. Repent immediately! Change your pathway. Eve was deceived.

It’s clearly documented in the scriptures. What was her blaming excuse? Satan never explained anything to her; just convinced her through deception and seduction with words and their emphasis. It was the same then as today: She saw. The tree was good for food.

It was pleasant to the eyes and a tree to be desired to make her wise and wiser than God. She ate it: “the lust of the eyes; lust of the flesh; the pride of life. (1 John 2:16) What about Adam’s role. Well, he deliberately violated the divine command. He heard it first. He was the first human created (to known knowledge). He was the head. He was not deceived. He blamed his violation on the woman.

“You gave me this woman to be with me. She gave me the fruit from the forbidden tree and I ate it. (Gen. 3:12) Adam blamed the transgression on God! Like saying, ‘You’re a baaad God. Look what you created. This woman who you gave me made a bad decision. (but she was really deceived). I continue to ask this question, “Where was Adam when she was having this conversation with Satan?”

The crashing of Adam and Eve was far reaching and serious beyond verbal or other expression. Look at our world today!!!??? Did you know that Adam lived to be 930 years old? Thanks for reading!

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