Patrick Ewing: “The Success Man”

Patrick Ewing, the incoming Georgetown coach walked into the standing-room-only news conference as the band chanted “Hoya Saxa.” in the freshly minted athletic center bearing the name of John Thompson Jr, the iconic former coach who built the Hoyas into a national power, and for whom Ewing became the program’s most identifiable player. Ewing now has 15 years as an NBA assistant and spent 17 years as a player in the NBA.

He was named an all-star 11 times. and inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2008. Mr. Ewing is gracious, stating, “he made certain to tread carefully when discussing the balance between maintaining the legacy Thompson forged during the 1980’s with his own blueprint for rebuilding the program.” “There’s a rich tradition with Coach Thompson. I’m not going to try to take anything away from that.”

He’s a keen observer. “Basketball itself has changed in the way it is run. In this day, especially in the NBA, they want a more free-flowing, up-tempo type game, and that’s the way I envision playing.” At the age of 54 during his 15 years of learning and observing the process, he was not only prepared to coach and lead a program, but he had his own distinct vision for where Georgetown basketball should go.” Athletic Director Lee Reed, “Pat was not anointed here, nor given a pass through a process. He earned his opportunity the old fashioned way, the only way he knows how…through hard work and preparation.”

Ewing plans and teaches. He addressed his players last Tuesday, providing them with his initial thoughts about the direction of the program and the style of basketball they should expect and told the team he was aware certain players were considering leaving on the heels of multiple defections. He’ll hold individual player meetings. “He’s one of the best big men in NBA history, a Hall of Famer, and got a lot of knowledge of the game,” Hoya’s Jessie Govan, a sophomore center with NBA aspirations.. He’s forward thinking.. fortifying the roster, including international additions. A prime directive would be convincing coveted local recruits to play at Georgetown. He understands the big challenge ahead of him. “We want everybody to get out there and get recruits. Next year is a learning process, a growing process. He is humble: a top priority is to assemble a great staff to help him recruit and sell the program. Ewing was the No.1 overall pick in the 1985 NBA draft and the league’s first lottery selection. He was not overconfident and figured this coach position would go to another candidate. He waited so long. He did not give up, but kept preparing himself. “I think I’m a good salesman,” Ewing stated. [Washington Post, 4/6/17]

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