Racism: Cloak of Deceit Part 1

Racism takes on new dimensions sprawling to new heights. Like “everything” is about race. It’s a dark cloak that rides the fastest steed, disguised, going to conquer the mind…an infectious plague elevated to “spiritual power, a “god, an idol” with those who ride the race for personal aggrandizement and power. The subjects don’t know what’s happening. Racism has snaked its way to an “evil spiritual” life of its own! It’s viral! Here’s my new definition: “A viral disease or infection is caused by a virus.” And what or who is the carrier? It’s people’s tongues and actions who spread discrimination and prejudice and design systems to promote themselves and their interests.

Some would say, “It’s Trump! It’s Trump.” That’s an escapism. Racism didn’t start with President Trump or President Clinton. I am not saying either is racist. Racism is distorted, a diversion tactic to make people look the other way and not look at the real causes. It’s camouflaged and its true deceit and quest for power at whatever it costs. It is the “system, a stronghold.” Yes. Racism exists. But, there is more to it. It’s the policies that are made by small and large groups of people which bear the same principles of racism. Sometimes, they may mean well, but, may not recognize the result could lead to subjection, discrimination and inequality.

Not all can read into the consequences of their actions. For example, when policies and regulations are put into place they are not the law, but are to be based in law. After law is passed, regulations can be written and morphed into something that is more restrictive than the law and prejudiced against those who are to benefit from the original law. It has taken me a bit of thinking to try and understand why the words “constitutional law” have so much significance. Many things become misunderstood and reinterpreted to steer away from the law and the constitution.

I am speaking as an observer and participated in the need to understand some laws can be conveniently reinterpreted by a small number of people, develop regulations interpretation that don’t rhythm with original intent of the law passed by the legislature. They have broad latitude in writing regulations. Okay, so here is what I’m saying.

That’s what has happened to racism. It’s like it is redefined to put everything into a boiling caldron and its effects and results are shown in areas of society and politics; made to appear that it’s racism when in fact, racism has become cloak of distraction and spread its tentacles into different facets of society. It’s like racism has become a backdrop and catch all for faults in other areas. What I am saying is that other terrible things [societal plagues] are at work <<continued>>

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