Re-Invent Yourself The Best is Yet to Come

Someone said to me, “I don’t want to hear about Israel.” Well, so what. My purpose of writing about Israel is to hopefully provoke enlightenment that doesn’t damage. After all, it is a center of the world. Israel profoundly effects world future. Knowledge may be increased. This study sounds similar to African history: Hebrew, Israelite and Judaean history. The complete annihilation and destruction of Israel has been attempted many times, all unsuccessfully. The attempted destruction of African, Blacks, Negroes, etc. is ongoing. Now is the time. Excell! Overcome. A prophecy writer, “Some 2600 years ago, the prophet Ezekiel prophesied that the Jews would be regathered from many nations to the land of Israel in the end times (Ezekiel 36-37).” (Ron Rhodes) Ezekiel then predicted an all-out invasion of Israel by a massive northern assault force composed of Russia, Iran, Turkey, Sudan, Libya, and others (modern territory names). This unique alignment of nations (those names may not be exact) may be occurring today. Ezekiel confirmed that this invasion would occur after Israel was regathered from all around the earth—gathered from many peoples (Ezekiel 38).” The condition: Israel must be living in security and at rest. (some scholars wonder if this is now happening….postulating). Attempts to stop the coming of the Messiah by many assaults was attempted and most likely current attempts are being tried by the adversary to prevent the second coming of Christ (it fails). Many hundreds of years ago, Jacob (Israel) Judah, Joseph, Abraham and many more have been attacked. As to similarity of Africans and Israel, there has been enslavement and captivity. Biblical history in defining Israelite history cites that not all claiming to be Israel is really Israel. And there are some who don’t even know that they are part of the twelve tribes. On regathering , “Many survivors of the Jerusalem siege fled to Egypt, settling along the Nile River in colonies that remained for centuries. Later were joined by other immigrants from Palestine and Syria, large Jewish colonies by the first century A.D., more than one million Jews are reported to have been living in Egypt.” (WordInLifeStudyBible) Isaiah talks about the covenant to bring happiness to Judeans (Isaiah 56:18), allowing foreigners to become members of the community as well (Jewish Study Bible) Many scriptures address regathering . It is not possible (I don’t believe) for anyone to know who all God will regather. This I know. At fulfillment, Jesus Christ is“sole conquering, mighty warrior (Isaiah 63:1). Everything else:::interim. Even outsiders will populate the homeland (2 Kings 17:54). Only ONE knows by name who will occupy the New Jerusalem. The original Jewish nation is intermingled: mixed. The “mixed multitude” came out of Egypt with the Hebrew slaves. The scattered will be regathered at His appointed time; God will sound the trumpet. The sheep will respond accordingly.

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