Secrets of the Heart….

Interesting title, huh?” Perhaps, you are a reader who might immediately think this is about a love story or thoughts of romance. That’s okay if your thoughts navigate there. Some may begin to reminisce on past experiences, not necessarily about romance…maybe about family, work, church or other thoughts of the mind. What is a “secret?”

It could be something mysterious or beyond understanding; something not expressed by someone or it is something concealed and not spoken, something hidden. How about this high level reasoning: A “divine secret” can be called “a mystery.” It could be long held divine knowledge held in secret ready to be revealed later at God’s sovereign discretion. When I think of “secret,” my thoughts go to the conscience. When I think of secrets, my thoughts went to the conscience. The conscience is that moral thermometer which speaks to you for guidance and direction of where to go and what to do and when to do it. You’ve heard it said, “he/she is very thoughtful and meditates on things.

Some people have a conscience about things that another might not have a conscience about. Here is an interesting description: a good conscience is one which has no feeling of reproach against oneself and does not accuse oneself of willful wrong. Interesting… So, ordinarily if you hear someone say that person has a good conscience, you would be tempted to de ne that in the realm that person does not have a guilty conscience. If a person is committing some acts that are immoral, unethical or even criminal that could mean they have no “conscience” of wrongdoing. I like to read the dictionary definition. American Heritage says, a conscience is “the awareness of a moral or ethical aspect to one’s conduct together with the urge to prefer right over wrong.” There are persons who do wrong, and don’t realize it until later and they correct themselves. Some others know when they are wrong, but don’t care.

Do you think they have a conscience? If a person has no reproach to himself/herself and living in a way that you think it is unacceptable, you decide if you should tell them. If you tell them, they’ve been told. Do I think everybody has a conscience? Yes, I do. Either they have a dead conscience that does not charge them with anything or maybe they have an active conscience which warns them of right and wrong. But, their conscience could be “dead.”

They have lost consciousness of right or wrong and determined to do whatever they want, whenever they want and to whomever they want to do it. Is it discretionary? Huum.

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