Side Effects of the Side Effects

The media is a great useful communication “tool.” Filtering media content for our precious, vulnerable children is critical. Watch television and BAM! drug advertisements pop up! People in the ads appear care free and have the avenue to healing! “Well, what are they doing?” “I want some of that!”

[BEWARE!] Click to another channel. Not long…before you see more drug ads with strange names and “subnames,” so hard to pronounce, you have to stare at them to pronounce them. Not only that! While you’re lulled into this life of purported ecstasy, there is a seductive, subliminal voice saying some really serious stuff. Those are what I’m calling the Side Effects of the Side Effects. Those seductive voices tell of possible devastating side effects if you take those drugs; like you may want to hurt yourself!! The ads show sunny days, nimble limbs, great health!

Granted, some of these drugs might work and information is helpful. The streaming list of side effects comes, which appear to trivialize and gloss over the real and possible side effects. People are “living the life,” skipping about the meadows in the clover fields…. you get the picture. In my curiosity, I decided to look up these drugs and found a long list (more than 100) with side effects. The list is so long, I can’t repeat it here. But the list showed “the marketing name (that’s the advertising name); the generic chemical name (that’s the strange subname underneath); the purpose (that’s why you’re taking it) and the manufacturer (the company that makes the drugs).

The prescription drug industry is fast growing and $$billions of dollars are spent on prescription drugs. I must admit when I heard on the news that some of our most talented artists names were associated with prescription drugs and I heard about it after their demise; my interest in prescription drugs was curiously enhanced. The ads are informational to the viewers. But, the individual makes the final decision to talk to their doctor. When my doctor said, “I may have to put you on a low dosage of—to reduce your blood pressure;” I said, “Oh, No you’re not!” I helped myself, made a conscious decision to aggressively act for myself. I went to the health food store, now walk 3 to 5 miles regularly and drastically reduced my salt. Now, my average blood pressure is about 114/53. Excessive salt and sugar intake can be killers. Temperance and moderation are key. Different strokes for different folks. We’re overcomers! WE KNOW where truth is available.

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