SMILE! Success Is On “The Way”

Smiles diffuse tension. Smiling makes you feel better, physically and mentally. Smiles empower you. A smile demonstrates attitude, a good attitude. Smiles make you more approachable. When you talk over the telephone, keep a smile in your heart.

The other person will see your smile through your pleasant voice tone. Do you feel discouraged sometimes? Smile! It throws off your negative thought processes. Think on the good things and use smiles to do it. Those negative thoughts don’t know what to do but leave you. A smile influences your outlook and perspective on life. A smile gives you direction and can control your trajectory in life. You are always on an upward progression.

A smile gives you hope! It’s not as bad as you think. Smiles are comforting and reassuring to yourself and to others. When you smile people will listen to you more. I was standing at the airport preparing to board. One person said, what number do you have. I replied with a smile. The person’s number was before mine, but he said, “You go ahead and get in front of me.” Smiles break the ice, the dullness of life. A smile will change your future! Your mind is free to think clearly, because you don’t have to worry about a frown. Smiling rearranges your whole mindset and you are now looking positively every day toward “SUCCESS ON THE WAY!” You will never fail. Failure is not an option. You are a successful person. Your destiny is not determined by your past, nor by how much you can succeed. You are strong, capable, lovely, handsome, beautiful, smart, highly intelligent, gifted and can do great things! That’s what I tell our students at Today’s Fresh Start Charter School. They love it!!

Jeanette Grattan Parker Ph. D-Founder-Superintendent Todays Fresh Start Charter School (323)293-9826 4514 Crenshaw Blvd. Los Angeles, California 90043: Weekly Columnist for LA Sentinel News ; articles copyright June 29, 2016 all rights reserved©” Inquiring Minds Want To Know” ©website “©The Father Famine” “Ask Dr. Jeanette”™

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