Spanking ???? Huuumm……

“Spanking???” Is somebody going to call the police on me? Will my own child call the police? (I hope not!). Here’s the thing. Children need consistency; what to do and what not to do. Stick to your rules. Wishy-Washy is a no-no and your results will be undesirable. Children are very smart, perceiving how to undo what you have been working so hard to do.

As parents, you’re the first teacher. You’re great! You’re doing a good job! Pat yourself on the back!” You can speak to some children and gain cooperation. Others need stronger direction. You have to do something! Just can’t let them run wild! You are a wonderful, great, faithful loving parent who only wants the best for your child: a good home, education, a long, prosperous life. I remember years ago, starting Today’s Fresh Start tutoring at Audubon School, I asked the children to write their dream? “They had similar dreams: a nice house, a car and a job. I explained to them the prerequisites for attaining those goals. They were quite receptive. Remind your children to stand by their dreams. Come to school daily and on time to achieve their personal best. Make their lives pleasant by listening to their teachers.

Children are so wonderful and their parents too. I love people in general, parents and children. My mother never spanked me. Somewhere in my mind, I wanted a bigger life than the housing projects in Birmingham, Alabama, graham crackers and milk. Replace spanking with visualizing with your child the bigger picture; “the I have a dream picture with hope and aspirations!” They need that. If you follow in these things, you will have “good success.”

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