State of the “Nations” Believe It, Or Not?!

The death of the most recent internationally known alleged sex tracker in the news is a realistic, real time, reality show metaphor for the state of the “nations,” meaning this: he is an example of the “state of the nations.” Some time ago, I wrote on “You Can Have The World.” The world will be like him, defaulted and defunct. And his alleged lifestyle was exemplary of what that means. You can have all the world’s material possessions, activities (sexual favors) jewels and privileges. You can call most anyone and your call will be received anywhere in the world (mostly) . You walk into a room and heads turn, whispers are sounded, hands waved. Oh! There’s Mr. So and so or there’s Ms. So and so. You’re filled to the brim with pride, arrogance and self-aggrandizement (which God hates) . You’re pouring out all over self. What’s really happening? He was willingly deceived. Choices were made to be there and commit these acts, whatever they were. Sexual perversion all over the place, anywhere, everywhere in secret and not in secret. That’s the world! And he wanted it and got it. One big problem, the Almighty is watching. He knows what is going on and allowing time for the individual to go back, turn around and stop. In the case of “the nations,” their weaknesses keep going on and on, not acknowledging Almighty God, participating in idolatrous practices. The day will come and time when even the Almighty will become weary with man’s incessant (nonstop) illicit (really bad) behavior. Here’s the thing. There is a way out. You don’t have to give up or commit suicide. Anyone can stop thinking that he or she has all the answers and that there is no place to go for a solution to problems. For those who choose to continue in their own frivolous, backward and damning lifestyle, there is a stopping place and if they don’t turn back of their own volition, they will be stopped and they won’t like what the “stop” sign reads: “dead end…go no farther, that’s it brother/sister.” What then do we say to these things? Warn them. Speak to them about salvation. Use the life of this sex tracker as an example of their outcome, which will be the same for the “nations.” Some individuals think they will never be captured, thinking “I’m invincible!” I’m Mr./Ms. Teon. Nothing sticks. There have been many men caught up in their lascivious lifestyles, widely publicized in the news: James Rosen, James Franco, Harvey Weinstein, Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, convicted sex offender, Placido Domingo, Bill Cosby and a host of others, accused and convicted. There are a number of reasons why individuals are caught up and have sexual integrity problems. I cite the major reason being: they don’t have a convicted heart relationship with “the Creator.’ Sexual harassment is power play; the quest for overpowering another individual.

Stop! Get help!

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