“State of The World” Part 2 “HE Knows Who You Are. He Knows Where You Live. He Knows Your Name. He Knows. He Knows. “What’s The Next Big Surprise?” “Looking Beyond CoronaV”

Moses, along with other great prophets, had first hand experiences communicating with the LORD, listening to the LORD and following His instructions and mandates. The expression,” the LORD said” was made some 45 times in Exodus: to Moses, to Aaron, to Pharaoh and to others. Why is this important? In looking at Exodus and the experiences in a more narrative way, we can grasp the sense of these great signs and miracles done by Moses at the directive of God and with Moses prophet, Aaron.

Some are hesitant to believe that the Lord is 
still speaking to persons individually and
 collectively. The question posed is: “Are we listening?” It’s time to bend our ears to a listening stance and think about this pestilence- plague, why are we going through this? I found it quite interesting in reading about the ten plagues the LORD imposed on Egypt was because there was the war between the “gods” of Egypt and the one and only true God. The LORD was really quite merciful. Some might say, “When? Where?” Therefore, in looking at this phenomenon of drastic measures poured on Egypt and the number of years and events; consider this.

The Israelites had been in slavery for some hundreds of years! But, when the new Pharaoh came in, he decided to persecute his slaves (the Israelites) crushingly. He was merciless. When he felt threatened, his solution was to kill babies, take away building materials from the slaves and other harsh measures to ensure their subservient obedience. The Lord we serve is not unforgiving like that. The LORD gave the Pharaoh many opportunities to “stop” his terrible ways; to “stop” worshipping false gods, idols and abandon paganism. But, he would not. The LORD used clemency with him, but to no results until at last the LORD couldn’t get through to him.

The Pharaoh is used only as an example; but this is about many people. The LORD decided He had to use extreme measures to free the people (finally, kill the first born of the house of Pharaoh). The king understood That was message. The king’s heart was hardened (emboldened; big headed) What is the message for us in the coronavirus? Will something worse come upon our nation if there is no one listening to what the message is? Will we have to have locusts, consuming insects cover our land? Will we have to contend with an insect so devouring that crawls, leaps, has extraordinary intelligence, moves swiftly, cannot be captured, and gigantic in size???

Our country needs to take a long look at what we are doing and how we are treating others. I am appalled at the homeless situation. It just seems to me there ought to be a better way. I just don’t understand it. Why can’t we do better? Why can’t there be equity for students to enroll in the universities? Why can’t we have more training for people so they can get more jobs and large industries train and hire? Why are there those who don’t want our African American and Latino children to be better educated when they’re on their way and enrolled in a school where they are being well educated, but the “system” snatches it away from them. Why? Why? Why? I know the answer, but you, please think on these things… these important matters and examine the thinking of our “system.” Our Lord showers grace and mercy upon us; but there are requirements. What are they? What is the requirement? Consistency in pursuing to follow his ways… the ways of Jesus Christ. For example, A major requirement is that we treat people right.

Do good to others where you have an opportunity to do so. Even pray for our enemies! My, my, my, the Coronavirus has taken such a hold over the world and grabbed everyone’s attention, such that it has placed its name among the list of most attention getting diseases.

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